PU steel wire hose used in wood processing plant sawdust vacuum industry solution

by:Haikuo     2021-06-22
At present, in the wood processing industry, some professional woodworking machinery and equipment containing debris recovery are gradually becoming more efficient, more accurate, and faster. In the commercial and industrial fields, these performance standards are the decisive factors for choosing the best system. Of course, this continuously increasing performance requirement is not only related to manufacturing standards, but also includes higher standards for auxiliary processes. Therefore, woodworking machinery suction equipment must also meet technical standards to ensure trouble-free operation of the entire factory. These woodworking vacuum pipes should provide optimized services for the operating environment in the wood processing process. Now introduce a new generation of woodworking machinery vacuum hose specially optimized for this kind of environment.
   Woodworking plant sawdust vacuuming solution:
  Woodworking vacuum hose is a PU steel wire hose specially designed for removing wood chips and debris. Using specially selected raw materials that have better wear resistance against different wood chips and chips and preservatives, this material also has improved mechanical properties. More flame retardant these make PU steel wire hose a special solution for the wood processing industry.
   Hose structure
  ●Material: polyester polyurethane [thermoplastic elastomer] (in accordance with DIN ISO 4649 standard, more wear-resistant than polyether polyurethane);
  ●Structure: Spiral copper-plated steel wire is shaped to meet hose expansion and firmness requirements;
  ●Reinforcement: High-strength synthetic cord and spiral steel wire skeleton.
  ●Color: Anti-aging translucent low-friction thermoplastic material.
  The PU steel wire hose produced by Hangzhou Haikuo is made from imported high-quality and stable TPU plastic particles and high-strength copper-plated steel wire. With many years of excellent production technology, we have produced customers' ideal products. The finished product has fewer crystal points and no vacancies in the spiral steel wire coating, so that there is no noise and durability in the operation of the hose.
  Woodworking machinery vacuum cleaner special PU steel wire hose properties
  ● Halogen-free and plasticizer-free
  ● Good bending performance and strong flexibility
  ● Lightweight and durable
  ● Environmental protection and wear resistance
  ● Very small bending radius
  ● Good chemical resistance
  ● Good UV resistance and ozone resistance
  ● Oil resistance chemical
  ● Good air tightness
  ● High tensile strength, high tear strength
  ● Smooth inner wall
  ● Excellent liquidity
  ● According to TRBS 2153 requirements, used for non-combustible dust/discrete particles and low conductivity. The wire should be grounded at both ends to ensure that static electricity is eliminated
  ● Anti-microbial
  ● Anti-static, surface resistance <109 ohm
   PU steel wire hose other application areas
  ● Suction hose for high-velocity particulate matter (dust, dust, wood chips, scrap, spinning fiber, exhaust gas)
  ● Solid, gas and liquid for wear resistance
  ● Standard industrial dust collection system hose
  ● Unloading and conveying hose, used for conveying particles and production materials
  ● Conveying hose for centralized treatment of debris and waste
  ● Suction/transport hose for paper scraps and fibers
  ● Suction hose for suction equipment
  PU steel wire hose has good physical properties and environmental protection and durability standards for the versatility of 'suction' and 'discharge' industrial requirements. The quality and performance are far more than five times that of PVC industrial hoses, and it has an irreplaceable product status in industrial applications.
  Temperature range:
  ●-40℃ to +120℃.
  ● Up to +150 ℃ in a short time
  Wall thickness:
  ●The thickness of 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm can be customized to meet the needs of various industries.
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