PU steel wire suction pipe is wear-resistant and resistant to high and low temperatures, and is used for industrial dust collection and has a long service life

by:Haikuo     2021-06-23
The PU steel wire suction tube is made of imported polyester polyurethane raw materials, with high adhesion copper-plated steel wire spiral reinforcement, and the inner wall is smooth to ensure the smooth flow of materials in the tube. It is resistant to mineral oil and chemicals, has excellent ozone and weather resistance, can maintain good softness at low temperatures, does not contain halogen, meets the requirements of the RoSH environmental protection directive, and the raw materials meet the requirements of REACH. Compared with traditional rubber hoses and PVC hoses, it has extremely high abrasion resistance and service life. It has extreme anti-wear performance, strong toughness, and can be dragged on the ground at will without wear.
   PU steel wire tube high abrasion protection (abrasion resistance 6 times higher than most rubber materials, 5 times higher than soft PVC), smooth interior, optimized flow characteristics, stretchable; high tensile strength , And high tear strength, good mineral oil resistance and chemical resistance; good UV and ozone resistance and low temperature flexibility, small bending radius, not easy to kink, no softener and halogen; gas and liquid are not Leakage, flame-retardant, comply with UL94-HB standard and RoHS regulations, and discharge static electricity through spiral wire grounding.

  PU steel wire hose is widely used in high flow rate and very abrasive particles, gravel, crushed stone, fine particles, useless glass, dust and chips, gas and liquid environments, silo transportation, glass industry, Pipes for mechanical transportation in the wood industry, vacuum cleaners, steel industry, plastics industry, mines, shipbuilding industry, cement industry, etc., should be used as strong protective tubes. At the same time, food grade tubes can also be used in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. This product can better meet the transportation requirements of all walks of life.
   Structure: Spiral elastic steel wire is firmly implanted into the wall of the tube to optimize the internal fluidity, and the wall thickness is about 1.2 mm
  Material: pipe wall: polyurethane PU, spiral wire: elastic steel wire
  Temperature resistance range: about -40°C to +100°C, up to +120°C in a short time, can be customized polyether polyurethane (PUR) temperature resistance up to 125°C, up to 150°C in an instant. Various specifications and models can be customized.
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