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by:Haikuo     2021-06-23
The steel wire expansion hose is made of imported PUR material with strong wear resistance and copper-plated plastic coated steel wire spiral reinforcement. It has tensile strength, strong tension, high tear strength, wear resistance, flexure resistance, and Penetration, low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and other properties, and has good resilience and long service life. Especially suitable for abrasive solids such as dust, powder, fibers, chips and particles, gas and liquid environments, for dust removal and suction workshops, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper and textile fibers, as anti-wear protection tubes. It also has a wide range of uses in woodworking machinery, woodworking vacuuming, ceramic machinery and other fields. This product is the best substitute for PVC, rubber, and metal pipes.
   Wear-resistant hose, wear-resistant flexible hose, wear-resistant steel wire hose, steel wire flexible hose can be processed into food-grade steel wire hose, antibacterial and hydrolysis, good chemical resistance; extreme wear resistance and bottom plating Copper steel wire strengthens the strength of the pipe, very resistant to high pressure, vacuum and compression, high shaft strength, very smooth material, food grade conform to: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010, EC guideline 2002/72/EC (formerly 90/128/EEC) , The bending radius is approximately equal to the outer diameter, which can discharge static electricity (according to BGR-132, formerly ZH 1/200) spiral wire grounding.

  Hangzhou Haikuo food-grade steel wire hose has passed the country’s most stringent GB-70098 plasticizer-free certification and food-grade certification, absolutely free of organic plasticizers (DOP, DINP), phthalates and latex Additives, do not decompose any odor and taste; smooth inner wall without sticky water; can be used for complete vacuum; anti-cracking, resistance to kinking; durable, withstand high pressure, high temperature sterilization and autoclaving; FDA-compliant products, safe/ It can be safely used for food purposes, it is not easy to be squashed, pressure conveying under high temperature (150℃) conditions, vacuum conveying is OK.
   structure: the pipe wall is covered with strong and elastic copper-plated steel wire; wall: special top polyether-PUR, about 0.9MM wall thickness, spiral: elastic steel wire, stretchable; temperature range: about -40℃ to + 125℃, it can be about +150℃ in a short time.
  Hangzhou Haikuo introduced advanced German production equipment, technology and raw materials, and produced woodworking vacuum hoses, ceramic mechanical hoses, wear-resistant hoses, wear-resistant telescopic hoses, wear-resistant steel wire hoses, steel wires The telescopic hose and wear-resistant polyurethane hose series products have been used in large quantities by vacuum cleaners, ceramic machinery, woodworking machinery, sweepers, mechanical equipment and other manufacturers for a long time. The quality is stable, and they are exported overseas. They enjoy a good reputation in this industry. Word of mouth. The products have passed ISO9001:2000, ISO14000 quality management system for strict inspection and control. Our company can provide free samples for trial, welcome to call to obtain.
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