PU steel wire telescopic hose is made of imported materials from Germany, with large telescopic range, suitable for wear-resistant dust collection in the swing position

by:Haikuo     2021-06-23
PU steel wire telescopic hose is made of imported materials from Germany, with large telescopic range, suitable for ventilating and dusting in swing position
  PU steel wire hose is a kind of wear-resistant industrial dust suction tube produced from German imported polyurethane TPU transparent material with copper-plated steel wire. The PU steel wire hose is divided into 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 0.6mm according to the wall thickness. There are several types of 0.9mm and 1.2mm. The following is a 0.4mmPU steel wire telescopic vacuum hose with a very large extension, LKE00501, which is a steel wire telescopic hose with a telescopic ratio of about 1:5, which is 10 meters long and compressed. After about 2.5 meters. Several common PU steel wire pipes on the market have different application scenarios because of their different wall thicknesses. Such a pipe with a relatively large expansion range is more suitable for locations that require frequent swings, such as woodworking machinery.

  PU steel wire hose is a polyester polyurethane hose, reinforced with spiral copper-plated steel wire. The inner wall is smooth, which makes the material flow more smoothly. It is resistant to abrasion, mineral oil and has good weather resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance. Temperature range: about -40℃ to +90℃, up to +120℃ in a short time. Especially suitable for dynamic working environment. Compared with the steel wire hose without a PU outer layer, this process makes the hose have stronger bending tension. It is halogen-free, and the raw materials are in compliance with EU REACH regulations and RoHS environmental protection directives. Wire grounding can discharge static electricity, in line with TRB S 2153 standard for discharge static electricity.
  PU steel wire hose has a relatively large expansion and contraction range, and the corresponding packaging volume is relatively small, so the transportation is very convenient and the transportation cost is also reduced a lot. At the same time, when the machine is in use, because of the stretch and compressibility, the air duct is also compressed when the machine is stopped, which takes up a relatively small space. PU steel wire telescopic hose is mainly suitable for dust removal and suction equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners, air conditioning and ventilation technology, woodworking machinery industry, ceramic machinery industry, industrial wear-resistant anti-static dust suction, industrial dust suction, etc. Such as: especially suitable for solid abrasives (dust, powder, fiber debris and particulate matter), high flow rate and very abrasive sand, gravel, useless glass and chips, gaseous and liquid media (oil vapor, welding fumes) , Ventilation equipment) conveying system.
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