PU steel wire telescopic hose is manufactured by German production technology to meet various wear-resistant conveying requirements

by:Haikuo     2021-06-23
PU steel wire hose and PU steel wire telescopic wear-resistant hose are manufactured by German production technology. The product quality is reliable and can meet various suction and transportation purposes. It is usually used for suction occasions, and is especially suitable for abrasive solids such as dust and powder. Fibers, debris and granular materials; gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or fabric fiber suction, as anti-wear protection tubes, woodworking vacuum tubes, ceramic discharge tubes, etc.
  Properties: PU steel wire telescopic hose has high wear protection (abrasion resistance is 6 times higher than most rubber materials, and 5 times higher than soft PVC), smooth inside, optimizes flow characteristics, and is stretchable ; High tensile strength, high tear strength, good mineral oil resistance and chemical resistance; good UV and ozone resistance and low temperature flexibility, small bending radius, not easy to kink, no softener and halogen ; Gas and liquid do not leak, flame retardant meets UL94-HB standard, meets RoHS regulations, and can discharge static electricity through spiral wire grounding.

   Structure: Spiral elastic steel wire is firmly implanted into the wall of the tube to optimize the internal fluidity, and the wall thickness is about 1.2 mm
  Material: Pipe wall: Polyurethane PU, Spiral wire: Elastic steel wire
  Temperature resistance range: about -40°C to +100°C, up to +120°C in a short time
  Polyether polyurethane (PUR) can be customized to withstand temperature up to 125°C, and instantaneously up to 150°C.
   Product nickname: wear-resistant hose, wear-resistant steel wire hose, PU steel wire hose, PU telescopic tube, wear-resistant vacuum hose, woodworking machinery hose, woodworking hose, woodworking vacuum hose, ceramic machinery hose , Blanking tube, polyurethane hose
  The quality of PU steel wire hose, steel wire telescopic hose, and wear-resistant steel wire hose produced by Hangzhou Haikuo is the best in the domestic industry, because our PU steel wire hose is made of raw materials imported from the United States and advanced automated production from Germany The equipment and processing technology are manufactured, and the product quality is absolutely guaranteed. It has been used by the majority of vacuum equipment manufacturers, woodworking machinery and other manufacturers, with good results and established long-term cooperative relations. And passed the ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality and environmental protection system certification, the product has passed the EU Rohs certification, in line with national standards and European and American standards. Meet all kinds of wear-resistant conveying purposes.
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