PU steel wire telescopic wear-resistant hose is made in Germany, the Lex brand is trustworthy

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24
The PU steel wire telescopic wear-resistant hose is light in weight, flexible in bending, convenient to transport, and extremely wear-resistant. The material is imported PU and is made of high-quality copper-plated spiral steel wire. It is made by imported German machinery and production technology. Product quality assurance, long-term use by Zhongwo vacuum cleaner manufacturers, woodworking machinery manufacturers, and sweeper manufacturers, with good results. Choose Hangzhou Haikuo as your trusted brand when purchasing PU steel wire pipes. Our company can process and customize, and can produce various color specifications and calibers. Our company can also provide free samples for trial and at the same time provide customers with proofing services.
  PU steel wire retractable wear-resistant hose does not contain plasticizers, it has light weight, softness, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, non-toxic and odorless, small bending radius, good negative pressure resistance. It can maintain its original shape in the state. It can maintain good flexibility at extremely low temperatures. With super high strength and long service life, it is the best substitute for ordinary hoses, PVC hoses, rubber hoses, etc.

   Structure: Spiral elastic steel wire is firmly implanted into the wall of the tube to optimize the internal fluidity, and the wall thickness is about 1.2 mm
  Material: pipe wall: polyurethane PU, spiral wire: elastic steel wire
  Temperature resistance range: about -40°C to +100°C, up to +120°C in a short time, can be customized polyether polyurethane (PUR) temperature resistance up to 125°C, up to 150°C in an instant.
  PU steel wire telescopic wear-resistant hose can be customized into food-grade pipe: the pipe wall complies with: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010, in line with EC 2002/72/EC regulations, including the recently revised 2007/19/EC anti-microbial and hydrolysis . Mainly used in the food industry, food and wine, etc.
   is used in high flow rate and very abrasive particles, gravel, gravel, fine particles, useless glass, dust and chips, gas and liquid environments, silo transportation, glass industry, wood industry, steel industry, The mechanical conveying pipe used in plastic industry, mine pit, shipbuilding industry, cement industry, etc., as a tough protective pipe, is especially suitable for the dynamic position of machinery and equipment. This product can better meet the transportation requirements of all walks of life.
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