PU steel wire wear-resistant suction hose, woodworking machinery and equipment, supporting pipes for sweepers

by:Haikuo     2021-06-23
PU steel wire hose, wear-resistant dust suction hose is widely used in high flow rate and very abrasive particles, gravel, gravel, fine particles, useless glass, dust and chips, gas and liquid environment, silo transportation, Pipes for mechanical transportation in the glass industry, wood industry, steel industry, plastic industry, mine pits, shipbuilding industry, cement industry, etc., should be used as strong protective tubes. This product can better meet the transportation requirements of all walks of life. It has extremely anti-wear, copper-plated steel wire to enhance the strength of the hose, high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance, so that the conveying material is smooth, and good chemical resistance; the bending radius is approximately equal to The outer diameter can discharge static electricity through the spiral wire grounding.
   PU wear-resistant steel wire hose is more than 10 times more wear-resistant than ordinary hoses and rubber pipes, which can better meet the transportation requirements of various industries and is very suitable for wear-resistant general-purpose pipes or wear-resistant suction in woodworking industry The dust tube has light weight, softness, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, transparency, non-toxic and odorless, ultra-high strength and ultra-long service life, and can maintain its original shape in a vacuum state and at extremely low temperatures It can also maintain good flexibility.

  Hangzhou Haikuo steel wire hose, PU steel wire hose, wear-resistant steel wire hose can also be customized into food-grade pipes: the pipe wall complies with: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010, in line with EC 2002/72/EC regulations, including recent amendments The 2007/19/EC anti-microbial and hydrolysis. Good mineral oil resistance and chemical resistance; good UV and ozone resistance and low temperature flexibility, small bending radius, not easy to kink, no softener and halogen; no leakage of gas and liquid, flame retardant in accordance with UL94-HB Standards, RoHS-compliant, grounding through the spiral wire can discharge static electricity.
   Structure: Spiral elastic steel wire is firmly implanted into the wall of the tube to optimize the external fluidity, and the wall thickness is about 0.9 mm
  Material: pipe wall: (polyether-polyurethane, polyester-polyurethane) optional, spiral wire: elastic steel wire.
  Temperature resistance range: about -40°C to +100°C, up to +125°C in a short time
  Hangzhou Haikuo PU wear-resistant steel wire hose is made of polyurethane raw materials imported from the United States. Various models and specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. Shenzhen Hangzhou Haikuo Hose Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, specializing in the research and development, production and production of high temperature resistant air ducts, high temperature hoses, dust suction hoses, food grade hoses, sanitary hoses, plastic hoses Sales. It has made a huge sum of money to introduce advanced automated production equipment and production technology from Germany, and set up a group of outstanding Ru0026D teams and technical personnel. In 2010, it passed the ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality and environmental protection system certification. The annual turnover is more than 20 million yuan. Increased investment in scientific research, food-grade hoses, high-temperature air duct products have obtained a number of patent certificates. Hangzhou Haikuo's professional and efficient service team is committed to providing every customer with the most appropriate and high-quality service, and insists on the service concept that customers are God. Welcome new and old customers to visit our company and negotiate business.
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