PU transparent steel wire hose for ventilation, dust collection, electrostatic suction, wear-resistant conveying special hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24
Hangzhou Haikuo PU transparent steel wire hose is made of German imported PU material and embedded with copper-plated spiral steel wire. It has high flexibility, flexible bending, light weight, aging resistance, tear resistance, high transparency, and low storage and transportation costs. Features. Transparent tube wall copper-plated steel wire diameter strip, very beautiful appearance, very good wear resistance, extremely high tensile and blasting strength and tear resistance, steel wire grounding can discharge static electricity, oil resistance, excellent bending and compression Performance, small bending radius, no plasticizer, no halogen, high abrasion protection (abrasion resistance 2.5~5 times higher than most rubber materials, 3~4 times higher than soft PVC), light , Medium and heavy industry requirements can be selected.

  【PU transparent steel wire hose application】
   is used for the suction of wood dust and sawdust during the working process of wood processing machinery, and is used for high flow rate wear solids, such as powders, chips and granules.
   is used for industrial dust removal and suction, wear-resistant material transportation, sweeper supporting dust collection, leaf collection truck dust collection, high-speed rail dust suction equipment suction pipe, ceramic machinery discharge pipe
  【PU transparent steel wire hose structure】
   Spiral elastic steel wire is firmly implanted in the wall of the tube to optimize the external fluidity, and the wall thickness is about 0.9 mm
  Raw materials• Pipe wall: special polyurethane, abrasion resistant wood products and sawdust, flame retardant additives, spiral wire: elastic steel wire
  Temperature range• About -40°C to +120°C• Up to +150°C in a short time, various specifications, sizes, and calibers can be customized.
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