PVC plastic reinforced hose is a new kind of beautiful and durable

by:Haikuo     2021-06-21
PVC plastic reinforced hose is a new kind of beautiful and durable. Most of the rigid PVC plastic ribs are used as the skeleton, and the pipe wall is made of wear-resistant PU or PVC to achieve the unity of price and performance.
  Application: PVC plastic reinforced hose is used as an anti-wear protection tube, usually used in suction occasions, especially suitable for abrasive solids, such as dust, powder, fiber, debris and granular; used for gaseous and liquid Medium, industrial dust removal and suction, road shot blasting machine, industrial vacuum cleaner, paper or fabric fiber suction, as an anti-wear protection tube.
  Properties: wear-resistant protection, with high wear resistance. The interior is smooth, retractable, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance, small bending radius, no gas and liquid leakage; flexible hoses, flexible installation. It has certain pressure-bearing and vacuum properties, and is suitable for the suction of large particles of wear.

  Structure: The tube wall is covered with a hard plastic spiral, and the inner wall of the tube is smooth;
  Material: Wall: Polyurethane, Spiral Wire: Rigid PVC
  Temperature range: about -20°C to +90°C, up to +120°C in a short time
  Plastic hose, the inner wall of the plastic hose is completely smooth, so that the material flows smoothly in the hose, and has extraordinary anti-wear properties. It can maintain good softness even in a very low temperature environment. Because it does not contain phthalic acid and does not use metal reinforcing ribs, the hose can be used safely in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. It can be disinfected using standard operating procedures. It is suitable for the transmission of heavy abrasive materials in the food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, ceramic industry, and mining industry. It can meet the requirements of high wear resistance, high firmness and high softness.
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