PVC steel wire reinforced hose is a substitute for rubber tube and metal tube

by:Haikuo     2021-06-21
The PVC steel wire reinforced hose is made of high-quality PVC synthetic material embedded with hard plastic rib spiral skeleton, smooth inner and outer walls, small bending radius, and has good negative pressure resistance. The material is rich in anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation raw materials, and has high anti-aging performance. The material is lighter, the tube is transparent, has excellent weather resistance and high negative pressure resistance. It is suitable for industrial, agricultural and water conservancy, air conditioning and ventilation systems, and can transport gas, welding fumes, dust (moderate wear resistance), and vacuum suction of powder, particles, water, oil, etc. in civil engineering. It is a high-quality substitute for rubber tubes and metal tubes.
  Feature: Reinforced with spiral synthetic anti-vibration rigid PVC, smooth inner surface, wrinkles on the outer surface, the external thread form of the ribs reduces the wear rate of the pipe body in contact with the ground, etc., is very light and has good elasticity and air pressure High, and resistant to most chemicals. The pipe wall is made of flame-retardant PVC material, with spiral steel wire coated with plastic reinforcement. It is resistant to mechanical pressure, acid and alkali, and has extremely high softness.

  PVC steel wire reinforced hose is usually in static suction occasions, the anti-static system ventilation pipe eliminates static electricity caused by friction, especially suitable for abrasive solids, such as dust, powder, fiber, debris and granular; Used for gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or fabric fiber suction, as an anti-wear and anti-static protection tube. It can also be used in factories, farmland irrigation, coal mines, oil depots, wineries, liquid food and sand pumping, sand blasting equipment, suction, discharge and vending machines, ice shavers, refrigerators and other equipment. It absorbs and discharges powder and dust. And other fields have a wide range of uses. For areas with high vibration and high flexibility!
   Shenzhen Hangzhou Haikuo Hose adopts German advanced technology, and the PVC steel wire reinforced hose manufactured by the equipment reaches world-class standards, and the product quality is guaranteed. And exported to overseas markets, enjoy a good reputation in the industry. Its food-grade hose products have passed FDA certification and ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Pass the national fire safety requirements, the products have passed the EU ROSH certification, in line with national standards and European and American standards. Our factory is also constantly researching and developing new products to meet market demand. It can be processed and customized, and our company can also provide free samples for trial. We warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to call, write, and come to guide and negotiate business.
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