PVC steel wire reinforced hose, PVC transparent steel wire hose daily production capacity of 20,000 meters, timely delivery, non-standard products can be customized

by:Haikuo     2021-06-21
PVC steel wire reinforced hose, PVC transparent steel wire hose structure: spiral elastic steel wire coated with plastic firmly implanted in the wall of the tube, and the adhesion is stronger. Lightweight, the steel wire hose is smooth inside to optimize the internal fluidity. Scalable, good alkali metal and acid resistance, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance. The bending radius is small, it is not easy to kink, and the gas and liquid do not leak. It complies with UL94-HB standard and meets ROHS regulations. It can discharge static hose through spiral wire grounding.
  Material: high specification soft pvc material pipe wall, spiral plastic coated elastic steel wire hose.
  Temperature range: about -20℃ to +80℃
  Color: Gray standard, other steel hoses can be customized for customers

  PVC steel wire reinforced hose use:
  1. Indoor air-conditioning device for suction and exhaust;
  2. Textile machine ventilation pipe;
  3. Collecting and vacuuming pipes of civil engineering machines and metal grinding and processing machines, and various industrial vacuum cleaner pipes;
  4. Marine air pump tube, air tube tube;
  5. Air supply, exhaust, and drainage pipes in the pits of coal mines and mines;
  6. Water absorption, drainage, exhaust, and dust exhaust for various construction sites;
  7. Various mechanical ventilation exhaust pipes;
   8. Wire and cable sheath;
   9. Agricultural irrigation drainage pipe;
  Production specifications: 10-200MM can be made, the length is 1-30 meters, the color and various specifications can be produced according to customer requirements
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