PVC steel wire telescopic hose can be used for ventilation and dust suction of woodworking machinery

by:Haikuo     2021-06-21
PVC steel wire telescopic hose has excellent appearance and texture, soft touch, mild texture, adjustable surface gloss; anti-slip, shock resistance, impact resistance, excellent elasticity; excellent tensile resistance, good tensile strength, and elongation at break up to 10 times Above; It has excellent heat aging resistance, can maintain uniform properties under long-term high temperature environment, without cracking or stickiness; Good low temperature environment performance, good fatigue resistance, excellent durability, good wear resistance; General chemicals, non-toxic, good anti-ultraviolet and oxidation properties.
  Properties: smooth interior, good alkali metal and acid resistance, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance; small bending radius, no gas and liquid leakage;
  Structure: The tube wall is covered with a hard plastic spiral, and the inner wall of the tube is smooth;
  Temperature range: about -5 °C to 80 °C;

  Materials: pipe wall: soft PVC, spiral wire: hard PVC; environmentally friendly full-material PVC, the inside and outside are evenly spiral, the appearance is smooth and shiny, the flexibility is good, and it has the characteristics of resistance to abrasion and low cold. .
   is usually used as a suction and transport tube, especially suitable for the suction of solids such as dust and fibers, gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction equipment, air conditioning and ventilation systems, special hoses, as anti-wear protection tubes. The washing machine inlet and outlet pipes are used for water supply, ventilation, and aeration agricultural irrigation. Various specifications, lengths, and colors can be produced according to customer requirements. Various colors, dark green, orange, blue, red, yellow, blue, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.
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