PVC transparent steel wire hose application field

by:Haikuo     2021-06-21
The PVC transparent steel wire hose is also the PVC steel wire spiral reinforced pipe we often say. It is a transparent steel wire hose with a threaded metal steel wire embedded in the PVC. The pipe has a three-layer structure. The inner and outer two layers are PVC soft plastics, and the middle layer is Steel wire reinforced structure, either steel wire mesh or spiral steel wire, so the pipe formed by it has several names: PVC transparent steel wire hose, steel wire hose, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose, PVC steel wire reinforced hose, PVC Steel wire hose, the inner and outer pipe walls are even and smooth, without bubbles. It has the advantages of pressure resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good flexibility, no embrittlement, and resistance to aging. It can replace ordinary rubber reinforced pipes, PE pipes, soft and hard PVC pipes and some metal pipes. This product satisfies the demand for new pipe materials in machinery, petroleum, chemical, defense industry, manufacturing and other industries. It has been used by many manufacturers with good results. It is not only easy to observe the fluid running status in the pipeline, but also solves the problem of rubber aging and falling off during the use of the rubber tube. It is a new generation of ideal liquid suction and delivery hose, and its performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. .

  PVC steel wire hose application field:
  1. Suction and discharge of liquid, gas, oil and dust in agricultural water pump machinery, oil depot, petrochemical equipment, industry, engineering, mining, food manufacturing and other fields;
  2. It can be widely used in food and sanitation industries. It is an ideal pipe for pumping and conveying water, oil and powder in industry, agriculture and engineering.
  3. The products used in the food industry are processed from special raw materials, non-toxic, tasteless, and high in transparency. It is the best hose for conveying milk, beverages, liquor, beer, jam and other foods.
  4. Copper wires can also be implanted in the hose to use in places prone to static electricity to prevent blockage in the tube due to static electricity, and to prevent users from getting electric shocks or current shocks.
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