Raw materials and manufacturing processes are the key factors affecting the quality of high-temperature telescopic ducts

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17
Raw materials and manufacturing processes are the key factors affecting the quality of high-temperature telescopic ducts
   For many high-temperature ventilation and exhaust environments, sometimes it is necessary to make the high-temperature resistant air duct can be retracted back and forth and swing freely. For some harder high-temperature resistant air ducts, this requirement cannot be met. High temperature resistant telescopic air ducts can meet this requirement. Because this type of air duct is produced with a softer and thinner high-temperature glass fiber coating cloth around the steel ring, it can be freely bent, stretched, and swayed from side to side. The 400-degree high-temperature-resistant retractable air duct is a high-temperature resistant air duct that is widely used in China. It is highly praised by customers for its superior temperature resistance. At present, there are many domestic manufacturers that produce this type of telescopic air duct. With the increase of production enterprises, some unscrupulous merchants compete viciously, resulting in poorer quality. Then, the two most important factors that affect the quality of high-temperature flexible ducts are the raw materials and manufacturing processes.
   1. Raw material factors affect the quality of high-temperature air ducts
   For any product, raw materials occupies a very important factor. As the saying goes, 'A clever woman can't cook without rice.' No matter how good the craftsmanship and technology, without good raw materials, it is impossible to make high-quality products. This is especially true for the 400-degree high temperature telescopic air duct. When you search on the Internet, there may be more than ten pieces of one-meter pipes, and there are dozens of one-meter high-temperature air pipes. If you don’t look carefully, many customers will think that the appearance does not look the same. , Why are other people's homes so cheap, so in such a scenario, many customers will involuntarily choose more than a dozen yuan. Of course, after you have used it for a period of time, you will naturally find that the difference between a dozen yuan and a few dozen yuan is quite big.

   High-quality production companies should use 0.5mm thick glass fiber coated cloth, but some manufacturers on the market are not using glass fiber coated cloth at all, even very thin about 0.3mm, and some companies use it. It is a very smelly cloth. This is because the silicone rubber coated on the surface of a good cloth is non-toxic and tasteless, while the coated silicone rubber used on a very smelly cloth is not environmentally friendly or very poor. The smell of pipes made of cloth is also very strong. Think about the finished air ducts produced with 10 pieces of one-meter cloth and 20 pieces of one-meter cloth. Can the selling price be the same? Hangzhou Haikuo uses high-quality glass fiber coated cloth to produce high-temperature resistant retractable air ducts. Non-toxic and tasteless, we compare quality, we do not guarantee that the price is the cheapest of similar air ducts, but we will always maintain excellent quality production.
   2. Manufacturing process affects the quality of high temperature air duct
   In terms of craftsmanship, the distance between the high temperature resistant telescopic ducts produced by Hangzhou Haikuo is closer than that of other manufacturers. Generally, the distance between manufacturers is about 75mm, and our distance is 55mm. Why should the spacing be denser? Because the denser the air duct has higher pressure resistance, more wear resistance, and more beautiful appearance, and the inner wall of the inner tube will be smoother, and the ventilation resistance will be smaller. Of course, the denser the air duct uses more steel strips. The same 10 meter air duct only has 5 kilograms in other houses, and the Hangzhou Haikui has about 7-8 kilograms.
  High temperature resistant telescopic air duct is used in ventilating and exhaust occasions where flame retardancy is required; used in solids such as dust, powder ends and fibers; used in gaseous media such as steam and smoke; used in industrial dust removal and exhaust stations, flue gas Emissions, exhaust gas emissions from blast furnaces and welding gas emissions; exhaust fumes, dust, hot and humid gases from various machinery, airplanes, and automobiles.
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