Recommended by manufacturers of ferrule joints

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17

The use of thread gap detection gauge for card sleeve joints

1. Only use the inspection gauge to detect whether the joint is tight during installation.

2. Place the gap detection gauge next to the gap between the nut and the body.

3. If the inspection gauge cannot be inserted into the gap, it means that the joint is sufficiently tightened.

4. If the detection gauge can be inserted into the gap, it means that it needs to be tightened.

Flat thread: 1) Clean the joint thread before applying the PTFE tape

2) The direction of the upper PTFE tape is clockwise

3) The PTFE tape cannot exceed the threaded end of the connector

4) After the PTFE tape is cut, it must be tightly attached to the thread

The manufacturer of the ferrule connector recommends 'Liyuan' [Liyuan wjnchlm]


Because the bite-type joint three-way joint cannot be welded by electric welding, the damage to the characteristics of the pipeline residue system is reduced. Therefore, bite-type three-way joints are becoming more and more commonly used in hydraulic and pneumatic machinery and equipment pipelines that use oil, gas, and substances. They are very suitable for places where there is a risk of ignition, climbing operations, and frequent assembly and disassembly. It is already in use at this stage. China is vigorously developing and applying. The card sleeve joint is composed of three parts: the connector body, the card sleeve joint, and the nut. When the ferrule type joint and the nut sleeve are inserted into the connector body on the seamless steel pipe, and the nut is tightened, the two sides of the front end of the ferrule type connector are developed to cater to the spherical surface of the connector body, and the inner blade bites into seamless The tube produces effective sealing.

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