Recommended manufacturer information for ferrule joints

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17

The strength and durability of the tool for processing the card sleeve joint Variation has random characteristics

During the working process, the actual value of the machine parameters is the combined effect of all the three process types mentioned above at a specified moment The random function. Research on the mechanical properties of some materials cut by the tool shows that the bending strength limit (one of the important indicators) of different types of cemented carbide is very unstable. For different factories, the variation of the Bapxauast coefficient for evaluating the strength limit stability characteristics varies in the range of 0.2-0.13. Experiments on tool durability by many companies and laboratories have shown that different types of cutting tools can be used in all types of cutting tools. During processing, the durability of the ferrule joint is a random variable that conforms to the theoretical distribution law. According to the structural parameters, the process of manufacturing the ferrule joint and the situation of the tool manufacturer are different, the variation coefficient of the durability of different types of tools varies from 0.09 to 0.97. Take the relative durability of the drill bits of six tool factories as an example (take the durability of the drill bits of a tool manufacturer as the unit), when the variation range of the durability variation coefficient is changed from 0.15 to 0.56, the variation range of the relative durability is 1~0.4.

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There are two types of pipe valve card sleeve joints: positive and reverse installation. As long as the joint core is removed, the upper and lower pipe seats are exchanged, and the inverted joint core is connected, the positive and negative assembly method can be changed * double seat The card sleeve joint has an upper and a lower valve core, and the thrust of the fluid acting on the two valve cores is opposite and similar in size, so the unbalanced force of the double-seat card sleeve joint is very small. However, the structure of the upper and lower two ferrule joint cores is difficult to ensure that they are closed at the same time, so there is still a large amount of leakage when this joint is 'fully closed

The basic components of single-seat compression fittings are different from those of instrument valves. Instrument valves have only one spool and one seat at the same time. , It is easy to close tightly, so the leakage is very small. However, its unbalanced force is large, and it is generally only suitable for occasions where the pressure difference between the front and rear of the valve is low or the pipe diameter is small.

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The size tolerance and processing finish of the card sleeve pipe joint depends on the processing method selected in each process, that is, the economic processing accuracy and surface that can be achieved by various processing methods The finish is determined. The economical processing accuracy and surface finish that can be achieved by various processing methods should be determined according to the factory equipment conditions with reference to the recommended values u200bu200bin the relevant manuals. The process size is calculated based on the size on the part drawing plus or minus the process allowance, that is, the 'backward' method is used for calculation. The margins of the processing bite-type pipe joints in each process can be determined according to the factory conditions and the recommended values u200bu200bin the relevant manuals.

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