Rex PU steel wire hose product structure performance manufacturing process

by:Haikuo     2021-06-05
Manufacturing process of Hangzhou Haikuo PU steel wire hose product structure and performance
 PU steel wire telescopic tube has good abrasion resistance (2-2.5 times better than rubber; 3-4 times soft PVC), aging resistance, tear resistance, high transparency, can observe the suction and transportation process in the tube, light weight , Good scalability. Good resilience and low-temperature compression properties, super high strength and super long service life.
  Hangzhou Haikuo PU steel wire telescopic hose product structure
  ●Material: German imported polyester polyurethane [thermoplastic elastomer] (in accordance with DIN ISO 4649 standard, more wear-resistant than polyether polyurethane);
   TPU material: According to its different manufacturers, its performance is also very different. The production of TPU material has very strict requirements on technology, formula and equipment. There are a few manufacturers in the world such as BASF in Germany, Lubrizol in the United States, and Heng in France. Sman and Bayer have advanced production equipment, processes and formulas. Our polyurethane raw materials are imported from Germany.
  ●Structure: Spiral copper-plated steel wire is 'pressurized' and shaped to meet hose stretching and folding requirements;

  PU Steel Wire Hose Properties
  ● Compression technology: standard length 10 meters, compressed natural zoom ratio is about 3 meters length
  ● Good bending performance and strong tensile performance, light weight, small footprint, convenient transportation and packing, and greatly save transportation costs
  ● Environment-friendly and wear-resistant, life span is 3 times longer than that of PVC and rubber products
  ● Good chemical resistance, good UV resistance and ozone resistance, oil chemical resistance
  ● Good air tightness, high tensile strength, high tear strength, smooth inner wall, excellent fluidity
  ● According to TRBS 2153 requirements, used for non-combustible dust/discrete particles and low conductivity. The metal wire should be grounded at both ends to ensure the elimination of static electricity, anti-microbial, anti-static, surface resistance <109 ohms
  PU steel wire hose application industry
  ● Suction hose for high-velocity particulate matter (dust, dust, wood chips, scrap, spinning fiber, exhaust gas)
  ● Solid, gas and liquid for wear resistance
  ● Standard industrial dust collection system hose
  ● Conveying hose for centralized treatment of debris and waste
  ● Suction/transport hose for paper scraps and fibers
  ● Suction hose for suction equipment
  Temperature range:
  ●-40°C to +120°C, up to +150°C in a short time, to meet various harsh weather conditions
  Hangzhou Haikuo PU steel wire hose product performance advantages ensure that the hose has a super long service life:
  1. In addition to the good performance of the selected material, the structure of the PU steel wire hose product has a great influence on the service life of the product. At present, most of the products on the market (including some foreign products) have an organ structure. When the product is bent or folded, sharp creases will be formed on the inner wall of the tube. When conveying materials, because the area of u200bu200bthe crease is too small, it is easy to cause abrasion and damage. At the same time, the sharp and steep creases cause resistance to material transportation and affect the flow rate. Our company's products adopt a folding structure, and the blanks are neatly folded in a certain direction when the product is bent or compressed. When conveying materials, the unit wear area is increased and the service life is improved.
  2. The thickness of the bottom of the steel wire is another important factor affecting the service life. As we all know, due to the bending of the PU steel wire telescopic hose in use, the material flow first impacts the bottom of the steel wire at the bent right angle. If the bottom of the pipe steel wire is too thin, the bottom of the steel wire will wear out and fall off. Due to different production processes, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have this problem. The production process of our company's product (which has obtained a national patent) has a good cooling effect on the pipe wall, and the pipe wall at the top and bottom of the steel wire is thickened, which basically solves the above problems.
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