Several major factors affecting the price of high temperature hoses and answers to questions about hose purchase

by:Haikuo     2021-06-14
High temperature resistant hoses are widely used in daily life. Main applications: chemical industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, aircraft manufacturing industry, hot air hoses for dryers, ventilation engineering and engines, shipbuilding industry, plastic molding processing industry, garbage incineration Plant, high-temperature air or gas medium transportation, etc. Many people don’t understand high-temperature hoses. In fact, in many cases, different materials or different appearances will cause the price of high-temperature hoses to vary greatly. The reasons are various, such as differences in technology and materials. Wait. A good high-temperature hose, from the selection of materials to the requirements of the process, every process is very rigorous. The following editor of Hangzhou Haikuo briefly introduces several factors that determine the price of high temperature hoses, and how to buy high temperature hoses.
   1. The inner diameter of the hose generally covers a range of 50-900mm for the inner diameter of a high temperature resistant hose. In principle, the larger the hose diameter, the higher the cost, and the more expensive the corresponding price.
   Second, the choice of material
  Material is the basic requirement of high temperature resistant hose quality assurance. It is necessary to determine which material of the hose to use according to the customer's application conditions, which requires us to be very familiar with the customer's working conditions, and to make strict choices on the applicability of the hose. If the material is not properly selected, then the appropriate tube cannot be selected.
   3. Process treatment
  Different materials require different craftsmanship. For example, clamp structure, winding structure, extrusion structure and so on. No process is also a key factor for different costs.

   We have doubts when selecting high temperature hoses: There are many types of high temperature hoses, which kind of high temperature hose is suitable for our application conditions?
  1. Temperature: refers to the temperature of the conveyed medium and the temperature of the working environment. Sometimes there are short-term high temperatures that need to be considered. It is best to clearly tell the sales staff the general working temperature and the maximum temperature. Because under normal circumstances, the higher the temperature resistance, the higher the unit price. Hangzhou Haikuo can provide high temperature hoses up to 1100 degrees Celsius.
  2. Pressure: It is divided into positive pressure and negative pressure. Positive pressure refers to a gas state that is higher than normal pressure (that is, one atmosphere). For example, when pumping a bicycle or car tire, the air pump or the air outlet of the pump generates positive pressure. From the outlet of the fan to the air outlet, it belongs to the positive pressure section. 'Negative pressure' is a gas pressure state that is lower than normal pressure (that is, one atmosphere pressure). The use of negative pressure is very common. People often make a certain part of the space appear negative pressure, then they can use the ubiquitous atmospheric pressure to work for us. For example, when people breathe, negative pressure appears when the lungs are in an expanded state, and the internal shape of the lungs becomes a pressure difference, and fresh air is forced into the lungs. The fan inlet to the air inlet is a negative pressure section.
  3. Medium and whether it is corrosive: Refers to the material and properties conveyed by the high-temperature hose. Different media will directly determine the material of the high-temperature hose. Especially when there is a corrosive medium, it is best to inform the sales staff of the specific chemical composition, because there are many materials available for chemical-resistant high-temperature hoses. Only by knowing the specific composition can you choose the most cost-effective product.
  4. Inner diameter: We generally say the inner diameter of the hose, because the hose is usually connected to the customer's hard pipe. It can produce high temperature resistant hoses with an inner diameter of 40mm to 900mm.
  5. Bending requirements: the pipeline direction and bending degree of the application and installation part, the minimum bending radius of different high-temperature hoses is different.
  6. Vibration and distortion: Vibration, movement and distortion of the application part.
   If you encounter other intractable diseases in the selection, you can also consult us at any time. Hangzhou Haikuo has a professional hose technical service team and many years of application experience in various industries to provide one-stop solutions for industrial hoses!
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