Special food-grade hose for conveying sesame-flavored liquor, without plasticizer

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
The public welfare standardization of sesame-flavor liquor production is a systematic and complex project. This appraisal meeting is mainly to standardize the production process of sesame fragrance from the technical level, and at the same time emphasizes that the production and transportation of sesame fragrance liquor should use special food-grade hoses without plasticizers, special hoses for wineries, and wine delivery. tube. 'Xing Jieping, secretary general of the China Sesame Flavor Liquor Standardization Committee, introduced the significance of the project research to reporters.

It is understood that with the continuous in-depth study of process standardization, a set of standard process templates will be formed, especially food-grade hoses without plasticizers in the delivery of liquor, so as to ensure the quality of liquor. This is conducive to the unification of sesame-flavored style and the promotion of sesame-flavored liquor production. 'There is no rule to make a circle. The standard is like a ruler. With the technical specification and promotion, it will play a huge role in promoting the production of sesame-flavored liquor. At the same time, the standard will use the standard to use plasticizer-free as a food grade. The standard of the hose guarantees the quality of liquor in one step.' said the president of Shandong liquor association.

Sesame-flavored liquor has become the representative flavor of Lu liquor. Sesame fragrant standardization research work has been proceeding in an orderly manner. In December 2010, the inaugural meeting of the Sesame Flavor Liquor Sub-Technical Committee of the National Liquor Standardization Technical Committee was held in Jinan. The secretariat of the Sesame Flavor Standards Committee was settled in Jinan Baotuquan Liquor Co., Ltd., which is fully responsible for the standardization of sesame-flavored liquor. Especially for the drafting of wine conveying pipes and food-grade hoses, the technical appraisal meeting of the 'Sesame-flavored liquor production process standardization key technology research and development' project technical appraisal meeting is the key point of the standardization research.

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