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by:Haikuo     2021-06-19
High temperature resistant air duct structure: special glass fiber coating, patented CP structure (CP is the abbreviation of clamp profile) external spiral metal wire support. Good vacuum characteristics, the outer spiral galvanized sheet has very good wear resistance. Flexible, flame-retardant, insulating, high temperature resistant, vibration resistant. Strong toughness and chemical resistance.
  Application: machinery, aerospace, paper industry, petrochemical, electric power, electrical, subway, automobile, ship, food, medicine, etc. Used for diesel engine test bench, exhaust of automobile exhaust, high temperature boiler automobile exhaust, used for exhaust equipment, engine structure, heating engine, solid such as dust, powder and fiber, gas environment such as steam and smoke, dust removal and extraction Machine, low pressure environment. For example, construction machinery, coal mines.
  Color: gray on the outside, white on the inside, galvanized steel sheet. The length is 6 meters, can be requested, special color, special length, can be customized.
  Temperature range: about -60℃ to +400℃, it can reach +450℃ in a short time
  Patent No.: ZL201130094610.7 This product is a patented product of Hangzhou Haikuo high temperature resistant hose, which is strictly prohibited

  Hangzhou Haikuo's high temperature resistant air duct series hoses are well-known among domestic counterparts, won a number of national patents, passed national fire safety inspection certification, and product quality assurance. Hangzhou Haikuo has formulated a product quality policy that puts customers first and makes customers satisfied and trusted. According to ISO international standards, the company’s colleagues are required to fully control the quality of high-temperature air duct products under international standards. With a sound management system, high-quality, diverse products, and close to market prices, it has already occupied a certain position in the market. The product quality is first-rate, the quality is excellent, and the after-sales service is excellent. We adhere to the principle of honesty and dedication, leading technology, and abiding by the tenet of 'quality first, customer first.'
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