Specializing in the production of strong PVC directional air pipe, the strong directional air pipe can be adjusted by twisting the diameter and length of the pipe

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19
The professionally produced strong PVC directional air duct. As a new product, the strongest directional air duct is characterized by the ability to adjust the diameter and length of the pipe by twisting, and has the effect of arbitrarily shaping and fixing. The pipe is specially developed to protect cables and wires. It can also be used for soldering and exhausting smoke in electronics factories, and for directional exhaust at the end of factory air supply. It can also be used as a ventilation pipe for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

The characteristics of    strong directional duct, strong PVC directional duct:
  The inner and outer diameter can be adjusted by tightening
  The length can be adjusted by tightening
   Very good sealing performance
   good tensile strength
   not only has the strength and toughness of a hard tube, but also can be bent at will
   can be used on machinery with high pressure requirements
   Various sizes and colors can be produced
   Good wear resistance, compression resistance, and seismic performance
   meet REACH certification requirements
  Temperature range: about -20 °C to 80 °C;
  100% high quality PVC
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