Specification for stainless steel bellows for plumbing

by:Haikuo     2021-06-12
There are many standard pipe fittings for plumbing stainless steel bellows in the market, whether it is a hardware store or online shopping, they are easy to find, so how do customers who need non-standard bellows choose?

Generally speaking, customers who need non-standard bellows are in urgent need of this product, and the production cycle will be relatively short. Generally, there are no hardware stores looking for entities. Choose a manufacturer, such as our Chenranmei.

The production cycle of the bellows manufacturer is about a few days. After all, a new product needs a sample, looks for a suitable production process, and then mass-produces it.

Stainless steel bellows: non-standard parts

For example, the above-mentioned stainless steel bellows: the joints are relatively simple, but the pipe is more difficult to understand. The pipe itself is relatively thin, and it is simple to flatten, which will be a problem in terms of production and transportation.
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