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by:Haikuo     2021-06-20

KZF this kind of quick joint is easy to disassemble, but the structure is more complicated, the local resistance loss is large, and it is suitable for the pipeline system with oil and gas as the medium.

The difference between the open-ended quick connector at both ends and the open-closed at both ends is that there is no one-way valve in the internal cavity. When separated, the passage cannot be closed. One end of the joint is connected to the hose by a three-part hose joint, and the joint core of the hose joint is directly inserted into the quick joint.

1. According to the usage form, it can be divided into:

Quick couplings for air, quick couplings for oxygen, fuel and gas, quick couplings for gas and liquid sharing, quick couplings for oil pressure, quick couplings for inert gas, quick couplings for cooling water, temperature oil, and semiconductor quick couplings.

1. Quick connector for air:

Main For air piping and pneumatic tool accessories. Corresponding to its use, there are a variety of body materials, sizes and installation shapes.

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KZF stainless steel quick coupling is a pipe joint that does not require tools but can be quickly disassembled and assembled. It has compact structure, small size, light weight, high pressure resistance, and interchangeability. Etc. This kind of pipe joint is light, handy and clean. It is used in aerospace, metallurgy, mining, forging, coal, petroleum, ships, machine tools, chemical equipment and various agricultural machinery hydraulic, pneumatic transmission and lubricating fluid transmission pipeline systems , Can realize safe and leak-free fast conversion. It is very suitable for frequent disassembly and assembly of pipelines.

Stainless steel quick connector manufacturers call to consult Liyuan Fluid Equipment [Liyuan wjnchlm]

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