Stainless steel quick coupling manufacturer information recommendation

by:Haikuo     2021-06-20

Precautions for the use of KZF quick connector:

1. Perform a dissolution test of the sealing material for the fluid to confirm whether the material is suitable.

2, please use Teflon sealing tape for the external thread of the control thread.

3. Do not exceed the tightening torque when installing the thread to prevent damage.

The advantages of KZF quick fittings


1. Easy to operate, quick connection and separation of joints can be realized without any tools.

2. The self-sealing joint can realize no leakage of the medium in the separated state.

3. It has good sealing and interchangeability.

4. Suitable for acid, lye, gas, water, oil and other media.

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Today, we only aim at the quick connector.

A large part of the leakage of all water purifiers is related to the 'quick coupling'. The information of the stainless steel quick coupling manufacturer recommends 'Liyuan' [Liyuan wjnchlm]

Does the pawl of the quick coupling hold the tube tightly? Can the sealing ring in the quick coupling squeeze the pipe? Is the compressive strength of the quick connector sufficient? Does the quick connector have better temperature resistance? How compatible is the quick coupling to the pipe? Does the quick connector have high requirements for the flatness of the nozzle? Is the material of the quick connector environmentally friendly?

The 'causes' of this series of quick couplings, coupled with improper manual operation, will the water leakage be far from us?

Everyone is digging for gold, but the shovel seller has made a fortune. How similar are water purifiers and quick connectors to gold mines and shovel!

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