Steel wire wound plastic hose, what kind of hose is plastic steel wire hose?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-01
Steel wire wound plastic hose, plastic steel wire hose is also called PVC steel wire tube. This kind of hose has a wide range of uses. The steel wire wound reinforced plastic composite pipe is based on the thermoplastic high-density polyethylene and the high-strength steel wire is inclined at the wrong angle. The reticulated framework formed by the winding is the reinforcement, and the steel-plastic composite structure formed by the high-performance resin bonding between the steel wire and the plastic has high production efficiency, strong structural designability, strong load-bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance and resistance The advantages of excellent abrasiveness, high cost performance, light weight and convenient transportation and installation have broad application prospects. Today, let’s take a look at the related issues of plastic steel wire hose, so that we can understand the plastic steel wire hose properly, know its specific purpose, and make better use of the plastic steel wire hose.

  What is plastic steel wire hose, steel wire wound plastic hose:
  1. Plastic steel wire hose, steel wire wound plastic hose is also called pvc steel wire pipe, PVC steel wire pipe is also what we often call PVC steel wire reinforced pipe, the pipe is a three-layer structure, the inner and outer two layers are PVC soft High-quality plastic, the middle layer is a steel wire reinforced structure, or a steel wire mesh or a spiral steel wire, so the pipe formed by it has several names: PVC steel wire pipe, PVC steel wire reinforced pipe, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced pipe, PVC steel wire mesh Reinforced hose, PVC steel wire mesh hose, etc.
  2. The reinforced steel wire layer is added inside to increase the strength, distortion resistance, quality and other aspects of the modified or reinforced PVC pipe. Plastic steel wire hose and steel wire wound plastic hose are made of a new type of pvc reinforced material, which has a very good improvement in compression resistance and hardness.
  3. There are multiple production methods in plastic steel wire hoses and steel wire wound plastic hoses. The main types of steel pipes in the market are high-pressure steel pipes, low-pressure steel pipes, steel frame pipes and transparent steel pipes, etc. There are several types, and they are used in different environments. Among them, the new type of pvc steel pipe is the most widely used product.
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