Strongly shaped air duct, Y-shaped buckle tube can be adjusted in size and length by rotating, used for industrial dust suction and exhaust equipment

by:Haikuo     2021-06-14
Application: Strongly shaped air duct, Y-shaped buckle tube is usually used as a suction and conveying tube, especially suitable for the suction of solids such as dust and fibers, gaseous media, industrial dust removal and suction equipment, industrial mobile air conditioning and venue ventilation systems. Solder smoke in electronics factory, directional exhaust at the end of the factory air supply, exhaust air eye, exhaust air in bathroom, etc.
  Strong stereotyped air duct, Y-shaped buckle tube not only has the toughness of a hard tube, but also can be bent. It has strong plasticity, has a certain degree of flexibility, and can even change the diameter in a small range, so installation is simple and applicability Strong, can be used for various ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment; can also be used as a bridge embedded pipe.

  Its characteristics: strong shaped air duct, Y-shaped buckle tube, PVC directional air duct has high ring stiffness under external pressure, can be bent arbitrarily, shaped, and has excellent seismic effect, and it is heated and contracted by temperature. Influence, the quality of the tube will not change.
   Its material can be customized according to customer requirements, such as (PVC, PP, ABS), etc., and the degree of curvature can also be customized according to the degree of tightness. The color is black or milky white, etc. Powerful directional air duct, which can be adjusted in size and length by rotating.
  Structure: The fixed-shaped telescopic tube is intertwined with a piece of rigid PVC, and the diameter can be adjusted;
  Performance: The size adjustment directional button tube has good corrosion resistance, can be bent, shaped, and adjusted;
  Temperature range: about -20 °C to 80 °C;
  Production size: 50MM-200MM
  Color: white (standard), other colors can be customized for customers;
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