Telescopic tube: plastic telescopic tube, steel wire telescopic hose, high temperature resistant ventilation telescopic tube are common

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18
Telescopic tube: plastic telescopic tube, steel wire telescopic hose, high temperature resistant ventilation telescopic tube are common
   Telescopic tube, as the name suggests, is a tube that can be stretched and bent arbitrarily. It can be compressed or stretched. It is small in size and easy to package, transport and install. It is widely used in various industries in industrial production, such as industrial ventilation and dust suction. There are many types of telescopic tubes, such as plastic telescopic tubes, steel wire telescopic hoses, high temperature resistant ventilation telescopic tubes and so on.
   1. Plastic telescopic tube is generally used for household vacuum cleaners. It is a plastic telescopic vacuum tube made of PVC and PU. It has good flexibility, easy expansion, strong deformation resistance, high and low temperature resistance; suitable for household and industrial Vacuum cleaners, (central) vacuum cleaners, ventilation ducts, outdoor cleaning industrial dust removal systems; can be developed according to customer color and size specifications.

   2. The steel wire telescopic hose is a kind of telescopic hose covered with spiral steel wire on the pipe wall. According to the different material of the pipe wall, it can be divided into PVC steel wire telescopic hose, PU steel wire telescopic hose, PP steel wire telescopic hose, etc. .
   The most common PVC steel wire telescopic hose is Hangzhou Haikuo's PVC transparent steel wire telescopic hose LKE00711. Its pipe wall is extruded with environmentally friendly PVC material coated with stainless steel wire. The pipe body is transparent and the fluid in the pipe can be clearly seen. It can be used for industrial dust collection, dust particle suction and transportation, ventilation and exhaust air, etc.
  PU steel wire telescopic tube, also called polyurethane steel wire telescopic tube, is an industrial hose with excellent wear resistance. It has excellent performance, a wide range of uses, and a variety of specifications, with wall thicknesses of 0.4mm and 0.6. mm and 0.9mm are optional. The thinner the tube wall, the better its expansion and contraction performance. The length is 1-20 meters and can be customized at will. It is often used in industrial wear-resistant vacuuming, suction and transportation of worn materials, such as woodworking machinery vacuuming, engraving machine vacuuming, PCB drilling machine vacuuming, ceramic machinery cutting, and sanitation sweeper supporting vacuuming and other fields.
  PP steel wire telescopic duct is a foldable arbitrarily telescopic and shaped air duct, which can not only be arbitrarily extended but also shaped, and is generally used for shaped directional ventilation and exhaust systems, such as mobile air-conditioning ventilation.

  3. High temperature resistant telescopic pipe for ventilation A kind of high temperature resistant and flexible ventilation exhaust pipe, such as Hangzhou Haikuo high temperature resistant 400 degree high temperature retractable air pipe LKE00400, 600 degree high temperature resistant retractable air pipe LKE00460, 900 resistant High-temperature telescopic duct LKE00490, as well as nylon telescopic duct, aluminum foil telescopic duct, etc., can be compressed and packaged, and its packaging volume is small, and the transportation cost is very low.
   Flexible high temperature resistant exhaust pipe hose, excellent expansion performance makes it widely used in ventilation, exhaust, exhaust and smoke. Because this kind of high temperature resistant air duct is light in weight and can be arbitrarily stretched and bent, it occupies a small space when in use, so it is widely used in all kinds of machinery, smoke, dust, high temperature gas, factory soldering smoke, blast furnace and welding Air exhaust, used in the environment requiring flame-retardant extraction, suitable for solids such as dust and fibers, gaseous media such as steam and smoke, factory suction and dust removal, exhaust gas emissions, blower exhaust gas emissions and welding gas emissions
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