The advantages of using stainless steel hoses in the central fresh air system

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19
Some of the fresh air system installations are in the form of ducts, while others are ductless negative pressure or supercharged. The ducted fresh air system can form air convection locally to achieve the ideal ventilation effect. The choice of pipeline is also particular. Many fresh air systems use composite hoses. The outer layer of the composite hose has a PVC protective film as the surface, and the inside is composed of two aluminum foils and steel bars to support the pipeline, which is convenient to use and has a long life. It is not easy to be squashed.
The advantages of using stainless steel hoses in the central fresh air system
1. The construction period is shorter than that of hard pipes;
2. It is convenient to change the pipeline and the position of the air inlet and outlet later;
3. It can be applied to the situation where the ceiling has been completed or the old building is renovated, and you are not afraid of damaging part of the ceiling;
4. It can be close to the ceiling and the wall. It is a good choice for the room with a low floor height, not wanting the ceiling and too low;
5. Because the hose is easy to bend and has strong ductility, it is suitable to have too many and complicated pipes on the ceiling (such as air-conditioning pipes, heating and cooling pipes, fire-fighting pipes, etc.), and there is no need to damage too many walls.
Disadvantages of using stainless steel hose in central fresh air system
1. The hose is not as strong as a PVC pipe, and it is easier to be cut or scratched;
2. Because the hose is folded, the inner wall is not smooth, resulting in a relatively large wind resistance, and the effect of ventilation will be compromised;
3. It is also due to the large wind resistance inside the hose, so the air volume is larger than that of the hard tube host, and the hose can not be sent to too far places or bends too much.
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