The difference between ventilation hose and high temperature insulation air duct

by:Haikuo     2021-06-02
The specific difference between ventilation hose and high temperature insulation air duct
  Improving the working efficiency of ventilation ducts and reducing energy consumption are the means of building energy saving. In some high-end residential houses in developed cities, small-scale household central air-conditioning spiral ducts have become the basic configuration of houses and have been widely promoted, and the application of various ventilation and air-conditioning ducts has increased accordingly.
The basic functions of    ventilation hose mainly include:
  (1) The ventilation hose conveys air without generating noise, or it has a noise reduction function;
  (2) The ventilation hose ensures that the air duct will not leak outside or the air outside the duct will not invade under the allowable pressure condition;
  (3) The ventilation hose has a long service life and simple maintenance:
  (4) Deliver hot and cold air to various places in the building to ensure that the technical performance of air temperature, relative humidity, transmission speed and cleanliness remains unchanged. At present, there are many types of air ducts in the market, except In addition to traditional iron sheet air ducts and glass fiber reinforced plastic air ducts, a new type of composite heat-insulating air duct directly made of insulation boards has begun to attract widespread attention in the building HVAC industry.
  High temperature insulation air duct is mainly made of double-sided composite protective layer of insulation layer, and the insulation layer is mainly divided into two categories: foam and glass wool. Common air duct panels are aluminum foil composite phenolic foam panels, aluminum foil composite polyurethane foam panels, aluminum foil composite extruded polystyrene foam panels, and thermal insulation glass wool air duct panels. This type of air duct is ideal in terms of performance, low thermal conductivity, light weight, easy construction, clean, etc., and has been used in many public and civil buildings, including high-rise buildings.
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