The difference of stainless steel bellows material

by:Haikuo     2021-06-20
The raw materials of stainless steel bellows corresponding to different equipment stores are different, some have better demand, and some have relatively poor demand.

The price corresponding to different raw materials is also different. The raw materials that are almost different are thousands of dollars a ton, so the bellows produced by the majority of customers and friends will think that such stainless steel bellows will be much cheaper; in fact, it is not This is not the case. The production process of different bellows is the same, and the production cost is the same except for the raw materials. Other costs and labor are the same. The main reason is the price difference of the raw materials. However, this type of product has many problems. The first is the service life. The metal bellows that are almost rusty are easy to rust, and the after-sales will be very troublesome. Because the stainless steel bellows will be tested before the factory, some of them may show rust before they reach the customer. Or it needs to be replaced before it has been used, etc.

So the difference of raw materials directly determines the service life of stainless steel bellows, and a few cents more can be used to produce stainless steel bellows with good quality and long service life, which can reduce the direct economic loss caused by customers.
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