The food-grade pressure hose does not contain plasticizers and meets the food-grade certification and the EU SGS certification, and can be used for transportation in the food industry safely and securely

by:Haikuo     2021-06-27
Food-grade pressure-resistant hose, wrapped in the middle of the tube with strong and elastic stainless steel wire, special top-grade polyether-polyurethane (E-PUR), smooth inner wall; thick wall, high pressure resistance, good corrosion resistance, Moreover, it has passed the country's most stringent GB9685-2008 plasticizer-free certification, GB13115-1991 food-grade certification and EU SGS certification, which can be used safely and securely for the transportation of food and liquor.
   Food-grade pressure-resistant hose, in line with EU food-grade standards and related regulations, has the advantages of tensile resistance, strong tension, high tear strength, abrasion resistance, bending resistance, and penetration resistance. Without decomposing any smell and taste, the food-grade hose series products used for wine transportation are produced in a certified Class1000 clean room, which is transparent, clean, smooth, and the smooth surface will not bring out the product taste and odor excellent bending performance.
   Food-grade pressure-resistant hose, without plasticizer, can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, does not decompose any odor to the solution medium. Steam sterilization can be used. It can also be used for pumping and conveying liquid food (non-greasy food) with an alcohol content of not more than 50%. Comply with EU food-grade manufacturing standards and related regulations.
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