The good flexibility, durability and chemical resistance of biopharmaceutical silicone hoses meet the requirements of the RoSH environmental protection directive

by:Haikuo     2021-06-11
Biopharmaceutical silicone hose can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure that customers are provided with products with the highest level of biocompatibility. It is reinforced with a tough braid, which can increase working pressure and can help maintain fluid integrity when transporting or processing sensitive liquids. , It has good flexibility, durability, chemical resistance and heat resistance. It is not only non-toxic, odorless, and halogen-free, but also meets the requirements of the RoSH environmental protection directive. This series of food-grade silicone hoses are grounded with spiral steel wires to discharge static electricity. They are suitable for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, food, dairy and beverage industries that require harsh sanitary conditions. They are widely used in beverages, beer, food industries, and medical care. Equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, biochemical laboratories and other fields.

  Bio-pharmaceutical silicone hose can provide resistance to vacuum suction, resistance to negative pressure, etc. It can withstand the high pressure required by the food and pharmaceutical industries. Most of the sanitary silicone hoses we provide have smooth inner walls, which can withstand cip acid-base disinfection or sip steam disinfection. At the same time, both ends can provide sanitary hose joints and sanitary silicone hoses to form a silicone hose assembly, which meets the requirements of FDA biopharmaceutical grade certification. To meet the requirements of gmp certification, we can provide relevant test reports and comply with sanitary certification. It is suitable for industries such as liquid medicine delivery, vaccines, and pharmaceutical preparations.
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