The high-temperature food-grade silicone tube meets FDA standards and has passed food-grade certification for the filling process of the food industry!

by:Haikuo     2021-06-06
High temperature resistant food grade silicone tube structure: inner tube: white, odorless and tasteless, smooth mirror surface; strengthening layer: high-strength multi-layer synthetic fiber, embedded spiral steel wire; outer tube: anti-weathering and aging, cloth-like smooth outer wall; quality standard : Comply with FDA standards and pass food-grade certification. The food-grade silicone tube has braided reinforcement and stainless steel wire reinforcement in the middle, which can withstand vacuum, negative pressure suction and certain pressure transmission. At the same time, the inner wall of the tube is very smooth, and it is not easy to have bacterial residues. It is used for filling in the pharmaceutical industry. The measurement and other aspects are very suitable. It does not decompose any odor and taste to the solution medium, and can be sterilized by CIP, SIP or radiation or autoclave.

  The food-grade silicone tube is treated with platinum vulcanization, non-toxic and tasteless, the hose is beautiful, and it can be used in clean workshops. It is designed to have the maximum curvature when applied to the transfer of liquids, fillings and the transfer of steam and air in the manufacturing and processing of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; it is resistant to tearing and does not decompose any odors and tastes; it is non-sticky, making it used in medical, semiconductor, Ideal for cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industries, without any additives; inhibit particle aggregation and encrustation, resistance to tearing; ideal for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing industries, odorless and non-toxic, with an inner diameter of 6-102 mm Selection, high temperature resistance, positive and negative pressure resistance, can be used to transport milk, juice, animal fat, vegetable oil, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water-based products, Hangzhou Haikuo uses the most advanced technology to continuously develop its wide range of high-quality fluid equipment, Its complete series of food-grade silicone hoses are widely used in pharmaceutical, biological products, beer, beverages and chemical industries. It is the most powerful manufacturer of sanitary fluid equipment in the domestic food hose market.
  High temperature resistant food grade silicone tube meets the most stringent requirements for biochemical compatibility, and fully complies with the specifications of Chapter 21 177.2600 of the U.S. Drug and Food Administration (FDA); it meets the medical and health, biopharmaceutical industries, and is environmentally friendly and has no odor The requirement of silicone hose is reinforced by wrapped 316 stainless steel spiral steel wire to provide flexible bending diameter. Usual working temperature range: from -100° F (-73.3° C) to 400° F (204.4° C); can be sterilized by CIP, SIP or radiation or autoclaved; used for decomposition in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications Low rate; the inner core is made of silica gel material listed in NSF51; it can withstand extreme temperature, compression, chemicals, ozone, radiation, humidity and environmental exposure; it does not decompose any odor and taste to the solution medium; the length of each roll of inventory is 15 meters; production The middle is to keep clean, sealed in a polymer bag; usually the length, size and packaging can be customized according to requirements, and can also be customized into an assembly with joints on both sides according to customer requirements!
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