The high temperature resistant telescopic air duct has wide applicability and good ventilation performance, which can solve the ventilation problem of special harsh environment

by:Haikuo     2021-06-08
The characteristics of high temperature resistant telescopic air duct are wide applicability and good ventilation performance, which can solve the ventilation problem of special harsh environment. In our lives, some industries simply need spiral ducts to achieve the function of exhausting air and converting air, but some industries such as air supply in harsh working environments such as computer rooms, basements, mechanical engineering, mining ventilation equipment, and fire and smoke exhaust. And exhaust, collect smoke and dust, high temperature resistance and exhaust air. If the previous air duct is used, it is unlikely to achieve this effect. This air duct has good resistance to strong acids and alkalis, good chemical resistance, easy to carry, oleic acid resistance and flame retardant; any bending radius is about equal to The outer diameter can discharge static electricity, and the spiral wire can be grounded, which brings great convenience to installation. Air has always been the gas that we humans must breathe. If you do not carry out air circulation and transportation in a sealed situation, then there will be the possibility of suffocation. So now many people install air ducts in places with poor air. . The emergence of high temperature resistant air ducts, high temperature resistant ventilation ducts, spiral ducts, and telescopic ducts has solved this problem, and can maintain ventilation and exhaust in special environments.

  High temperature resistant air duct is the most popular in the market, why? What is the difference between this high temperature resistant air duct and ordinary air duct?
   The first aspect is thermal resistance. High temperature resistant air ducts and high temperature resistant vent pipes have low thermal conductivity, which can not only avoid condensation of water in the air treatment system, but also reduce energy loss on the wall of the duct. It can effectively reduce the operating cost of the HVAC system; in addition, the high temperature resistant vent pipe is made of a glued structure, and no flange connection is required, thereby reducing the air leakage of the bite and the flange. Therefore, the sealing performance of the air duct is greatly improved, the air leakage rate of the air duct is effectively reduced, and the air conveying efficiency is finally improved. However, the traditional air duct is made of iron sheet, which has the problem of air leakage.
  High temperature resistant air pipe, high temperature resistant ventilation pipe, telescopic air pipe are produced by mechanization, the surface is very smooth and flat, so the friction coefficient is small, the wind resistance is low, the absolute roughness of the air pipe surface is 0.2mm, which can ensure the airflow It can pass through with the lowest energy consumption, and compared with the traditional spiral duct, the air flow efficiency is obviously much superior. It also has good environmental performance. Effective environmental protection measures have been taken in terms of raw materials, process formulas, energy consumption during production, and additional collection of emission products, and there will be no problems during production, manufacturing, installation or use. Pollutants that pollute the environment, even if the air duct is burned, the formaldehyde emission is only less than 0.1mg/L, and the smoke produced does not contain other toxic substances, so it will not cause harm to the human body, and the surface of the product is covered with high strength Protective film, which can effectively solve the secondary pollution caused by on-site construction, so high temperature resistant air ducts, high temperature resistant ventilation ducts, spiral ducts, telescopic ducts are a new type of green and environmentally friendly building materials, and the product quality is stable and reliable.
  The thermal insulation material selected for the high temperature resistant telescopic duct also has the properties of shock absorption and sound absorption, so that when the machine is running, it can reduce the noise generated by the machine, and it can also reduce the noise generated by air flutter, and the insulation material has another advantage , That is: no shrinkage or expansion, and therefore no noise, so it completely solves the noise caused by the shrinkage or expansion of the iron sheet air duct. The heat-resistant material used for the high-temperature resistant air duct and the high-temperature resistant air duct can also eliminate the room The sound is transmitted through the air duct to ensure the privacy of each room and has good sound insulation performance.
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