The high-temperature telescopic air pipe is a special pipe for the mine ventilation system

by:Haikuo     2021-05-26
The high-temperature telescopic air pipe is a special pipe for the mine ventilation system
   Mine is a complex dynamic system with different characteristics from other industries. Its main feature is underground operation, the working environment is difficult, and the natural conditions are complex. Therefore, ventilation and safety measures are particularly important. Enough fresh air is effectively sent to the underground workplace to ensure production and create good working conditions. LKESS high temperature resistant air duct can solve this technical problem. The fresh air is sent to the bottom of the mine through the high temperature air duct and the ventilator equipment.

  High-temperature telescopic ducts are ultra-lightweight, flexible, compressible, and have good flexibility. The LKESS high-temperature resistant ducts use imported high-quality glass fiber coated cloth (one layer) and high-strength fiber threads. It is made of spiral steel wire, and the high temperature resistant air duct is mainly used for high temperature exhaust gas discharge. Motor vehicle exhaust emissions, constant temperature gas delivery, high temperature welding gas emissions, pellet dryers in the plastics industry, high temperature hose printing machinery, hair dryers and compressors, engine structures, engine heating, aviation equipment and military equipment.
   High temperature resistant air duct structure: special heat insulation fiber in the middle, high temperature glue inside and outside, elastic steel wire in the middle of the tube, white fiber line reinforcement on the outside; temperature range: about -70℃ to +500℃, high temperature resistance Air duct process: It is cured and formed at a high temperature +450℃, the third generation of German craft products, the tube wall will not be concave when bent, will not produce any deformation, and the extraction and delivery are excellent; the temperature resistance is better, the specification: inner diameter 38- 1000MM.
  The exterior of the high-temperature resistant exhaust duct is made of steel ring structure, wear-resistant, negative pressure, and fire-resistant Kevlar material. Because the outer layer is protected by a strong steel ring, it can be dragged on the ground at will. Will wear the air duct, in addition can bear the heavy pressure of the object, fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali; arbitrary bending, free connection, lightweight; bending radius is approximately equal to the outer diameter, can discharge static electricity (according to BGR 132, former ly ZH 1/200) The spiral wire is grounded, and the high temperature resistant air duct is a must-have choice for portable exhaust fans.
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