The importance of stainless steel hose nut specifications

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19
Many customers will understand the parameters when buying stainless steel hoses, compare with different brands, and select suitable products.

The pipe diameter of the stainless steel hose determines the wall thickness parameter scale of the stainless steel hose, the pressure accepted, etc., which is more important. Then there are those local needs to pay attention to. Some friends will say that the stainless steel hose of the new device will leak, the nut is not thick and so on. Chen Ranmei will answer it for us.

The surface of the stainless steel hose must be free of burrs. A very small number of metal bellows will have burrs. Just use something to smooth the section. The other is the problem of nuts. Normal nuts are electroplated copper nuts, which are different from stainless steel. The process of the nut of the hose manufacturer is also different, and the customer is not easy to find the thickness of the bottom of the nut from the appearance when selecting the corrugated tube. Some nuts have a thinner bottom thickness, while the side surface is thicker. The device is not easy to leak, but it is not. The thickness of the bottom is important. The method and strength of the device are different for each person. If the force used is relatively large, the stainless steel hose port and the nut will squeeze each other, which will cause the bottom to crack and leak. , And the stress on the side surface is not that big.

So the bottom of the nut of the stainless steel hose is thickened to prevent the nut from cracking during installation and reduce the probability of water leakage
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