The important role of anti-static hose and electrostatic hazard analysis

by:Haikuo     2021-05-31
The important role of anti-static hose and electrostatic hazard analysis
   Anti-static hoses are widely used in industrial fields and are even indispensable. In daily life, this kind of product is also very common, such as the transportation of flammable and explosive dust, the transportation of wear-resistant particulate materials, and the suction occasions where static electricity is generated due to friction, etc., all use anti-static hoses. But why use an anti-static hose? What are the functions of this product? The following is a detailed explanation.
   Let’s first understand what is the main function of the anti-static hose? This is not difficult to understand. From the literal meaning, it is a hose to prevent static electricity. It is mainly used in suction occasions with static electricity. The use of this product can eliminate all static electricity caused by friction. At present, it is very suitable for use in abrasive solids, fibers, powders and granular materials, etc.
   Why use anti-static hose? According to the analysis of the industrial field, when the solid and liquid materials pass through the non-conductive pipe, they will definitely rub against the pipe. This process will cause harm, mainly The hazards are as follows:

   First, fire and explosion are the biggest hazards of static electricity. Although the amount of static electricity is not large, it is prone to discharge due to its high voltage, resulting in static sparks. In workplaces with flammable liquids, such as oil shipments, fires may be caused by static sparks; in places with explosive dust or explosive gases and vapors, such as coal powder, flour, aluminum powder, hydrogen, etc., static sparks may be caused Cause an explosion.
   Second, through the human body, there will also be a phenomenon of electric discharge, causing serious electric shock, this kind of danger is even more unpredictable. Electric shocks caused by static electricity may occur when the human body is close to electrostatically charged substances, or when a statically charged human body is close to a grounded body. At this moment, the static electricity of the human body can be as high as tens of thousands of volts. The severity of electrostatic shock is related to the energy stored by the electrostatic body. The greater the energy, the more serious the shock. The greater the capacitance or the higher the voltage of the electrostatic body, the more serious the electric shock. The electrostatic energy generated during the production process is very small, so the electric shock caused by this will not be directly fatal. However, the human body may fall or fall due to electric shock, causing secondary accidents. In addition, electric shocks can also cause stress among staff and affect work.
   Third, if a certain job suddenly stops, then particulate matter, dusty matter, etc., will stick to the inner wall of the pipeline, and for a long time, it will be blocked in severe cases.
   Fourth, it is easy to cause equipment failures, and failures must be repairs, which will inevitably incur costs. For the enterprise, it will cost a lot of money, but the gains are not worth the losses. Static electricity can hinder production or reduce product quality. In the textile industry, static electricity causes fibers to entangle, absorb dust, and reduce the quality of textiles; in the printing industry, static electricity makes the paper threads uneven and cannot be separated, which affects the printing speed and printing quality; in the photosensitive film industry, static sparks make the film photosensitive and reduce Film quality; in the powder processing industry, static electricity causes the powder to be adsorbed on the equipment, which affects the filtration and transportation of the powder; static electricity may also cause the malfunction of electronic components; interfere with radio communications, etc.
   In the face of these kinds of hazards, it is not impossible to solve them. Don't look at a small anti-static vacuum hose, but its function is very powerful, at least it reduces the hidden dangers of business operations. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to select the appropriate anti-static hose to use in accordance with the actual situation of the enterprise. Don't underestimate a certain product. It has great uses and solves many problems.
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