The inner wall of the food-grade steel wire hose is completely smooth, wear-resistant, does not contain plasticizers, and can be used safely in the food industry and the liquor industry

by:Haikuo     2021-06-26
PU transparent food-grade hose, food-grade steel wire hose operating temperature range: -35-90℃, can reach 120℃ in a short time, this food-grade conveying hose is highly elastic, wear-resistant and has excellent solvent resistance (most Chemical additives), pu food steel wire hose can be used in vacuum pump agricultural machinery, drainage and irrigation equipment, petrochemical equipment, plastic processing machinery and food sanitation machinery and other industries; drain and suction pipes, suction pipes, food-grade hoses, special for wineries and dairy plants tube.
  PU transparent food-grade hose, food-grade steel wire hose has the properties of tensile resistance, strong tension, high tear strength, abrasion resistance, bending resistance, penetration resistance, low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc., non-toxic Odorless, food materials will not decompose and smell in the tube. The tube wall is smooth and has excellent fluidity. The tube wall is highly transparent. The flow of the medium in the tube can be observed. It has strong wear resistance and good pressure resistance. It can be grounded by a spiral steel wire. Discharge static electricity.

  Hangzhou Haikuo PU transparent food-grade hose has passed SGS testing center FDA and national 18 plasticizer tests, and can be widely used in food, wine, beverage and sanitation industries. It is the best pipe for conveying food, beverage, milk, jam, high-concentration alcohol and other media.
  PU transparent food-grade hose, food-grade steel wire hose adopts polyether polyurethane material. The inner wall is completely smooth so that the material flows smoothly in the food-grade hose. With extraordinary anti-wear properties, food-grade steel wire hoses can maintain good softness even in very low temperature environments. The pu food steel wire hose does not contain any organic plasticizer and phthalic acid and is reinforced with 304 stainless steel wire, so that the plasticizer-free food hose can be used safely in the food industry and the liquor industry. It can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, which is ideal for application in the food industry.
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