The main difference between metal hose and bellows

by:Haikuo     2021-06-02

The main difference between metal hose and bellows
The similarities and differences between the main performance of the bellows compensator and the bellows compensator can be seen from the following table. Among all the performance indicators, only the airtightness of the bellows is better than the metal hose.
Among all the performance indexes of metal hose and bellows compensator, only air tightness is better than metal hose. Because the corrugated pipe is made of a whole material, the metal hose is a flexible element wound with a stainless steel belt, so it is inevitable that there is a slight air leakage problem. However, with the continuous advancement of metal hose technology, its airtightness will become higher and higher.
Connection method:
The flange at both ends is currently the traditional connection method in China. In addition to this, there are the following methods.
1. V-shaped clamp connection. This kind of connection is used when the hose is long and needs to be installed in the middle of the hose.
2. Double clamp connection, this connection has many forms. The advantage is that the flange, joint and welding process are omitted, and the installation is convenient. However, the requirements for the connection and cooperation of the hard pipe and the installation operation are higher.
3. Angle connection.
4. One end of the clamp is welded to the other end.

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