The maintenance and maintenance of the supporting vacuum hose on the vacuum cleaner equipment

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17
In order to pursue a high-end and quality life, people have used more and more automated electrical equipment in their daily lives. The emergence of vacuum cleaners is a good helper to help us reduce the manpower cleaning work. However, due to improper use, some clogging often occurs. Therefore, the editor introduces the working principle of vacuum cleaners and the common sense of maintenance of vacuum hoses.

   First of all, about the working principle of the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner is working, the inside of the dust bag box inside the vacuum cleaner will form a low pressure area due to the rotation of the motor. The formation of the low pressure zone will cause a certain air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the vacuum cleaner. At this time, the airflow of the vacuum cleaner can absorb external impurities through the vacuum hose and enter the dust filter bag, and the air is filtered by the filter. It was eventually excluded from the vacuum cleaner. After long-term use of the vacuum cleaner, its vacuum hose will have some problems and cannot continue to perform the purpose of vacuuming. Therefore, it is necessary to actively do the maintenance of the vacuum hose during the daily use of the vacuum cleaner.
   First, we all know that the vacuum cleaner can play a role in vacuuming mainly because it is inseparable from the various vacuum accessories and vacuum buckets inside. Therefore, we always use the vacuum cleaner every time. It's good to clean the dust bag. You can use some detergent to clean it in warm water. After being cleaned, it is best to place it in the vent to dry. In addition, during this process, check whether the vacuum cleaner has perforations or air leaks.
   Second, after using the vacuum cleaner, check its power cord and plug in time to observe whether it is damaged. Of course, the power coil should also be placed on the upper part of the top cover of the vacuum cleaner in time. position.
   Third, after the vacuum cleaner has absorbed water, its air outlet must be inspected to ensure that it will not be blocked by some impurities. Of course, it is necessary to handle the mechanical equipment with care.
   It can be seen from the working principle of the vacuum cleaner that the vacuum hose plays an important role in it. Therefore, people usually need to carefully maintain the vacuum hose when using the vacuum cleaner. Of course, the vacuum hose has many uses. In addition to vacuum cleaners, it is also widely used in various industrial equipment.
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