The performance characteristics of food-grade silicone steel wire hose and the precautions when purchasing silicone!

by:Haikuo     2021-05-27
Food-grade silicone tube, in line with FDA, USP biopharmaceutical, sanitary certification, can be used for steam sterilization, smooth inner wall, 316L stainless steel joints can be provided at both ends to meet the requirements of GMP certification. In addition, food-grade silicone steel wire hoses can be provided in various forms such as Dow Corning silicone PLATINIUM HOSE FDA CONFORM stainless steel wire reinforced silicone hose, single-layer braided silicone tube and four-layer braided silicone tube on request.
  Food grade silicone tube, high temperature resistant food grade silicone tube, food grade silicone steel wire hose. Remarkable characteristics:
  1. The completely odorless and tasteless inner tube ensures the greatest degree of airtightness to the conveying fluid medium;
  2, does not contain any phthalate plasticizer;
  3. The outer wall can withstand chemical cleaning agents very well, and has outstanding resistance to weathering and aging;

   Food grade silicone tube structure: inner tube: white, odorless and tasteless, smooth mirror surface; strengthening layer: high-strength multi-layer synthetic fiber, embedded spiral steel wire; outer tube: anti-weathering and aging, cloth-like smooth outer wall; quality Standards: Meet FDA standards and pass food-grade certification; the middle implanted braided reinforcement and stainless steel wire reinforcement, can withstand vacuum, negative pressure suction, resistance to certain pressure transmission, the inner wall is very smooth, and it is not easy to have bacterial residues, and it can withstand -40 -180 degrees high temperature, it is very suitable for filling and weighing in the pharmaceutical industry.
  Food-grade hoses, food-grade silicone hoses are classified according to their materials, including transparent food-grade silicone hoses, food-grade braided silicone hoses, food-grade silicone steel wire hoses, etc.; according to the purpose, it also includes peristaltic pump silicone hoses, Filling and conveying hoses, vacuum weighing hoses and other categories; according to the specifications, there are dozens of specifications of large and small diameters, so when choosing a food-grade silicone tube, you must first determine the following points:
   First of all, before choosing the silicone tube, determine the use environment of the silicone tube, including the material that the silicone tube is transported, the grade that needs to be reached, etc. According to the material to be transported, it can be divided into industrial silicone tube, food-grade silicone tube, and sanitary There are three types of silicone tubes, and different grades of silicone tubes have different price performance. Only by choosing the right silicone tube can the cost be reduced and the requirements can be met.
  Secondly, it is necessary to determine the use environment of the food-grade silicone tube, such as whether it is high temperature, high pressure, acid-base materials, and negative pressure requirements. Silicone material can withstand high temperatures up to 200 degrees, so here refers to whether the high temperature is used in a high temperature environment, because the pressure we usually mark is tested in a normal temperature environment. Whether there are acid and alkaline materials, the silicone tube can withstand certain weak acids and weak bases, and whether there is a pressure requirement. The pressure here not only refers to the positive pressure but also the negative pressure. According to the specific pressure requirements, we can configure the corresponding for you The silicone tube is out.
   Finally, you have to determine the caliber of the food-grade hose you need. The caliber of the silicone tube we often say refers to the inner diameter of the hose, and the unit is mm as the standard. Generally speaking, the specifications of the silicone tube are all It is fixed, so as long as you know the inner diameter of the hose, you can know the wall thickness and outer diameter of the hose. The rest is to know how long one is needed, how many are needed, and whether it is equipped with connectors, etc.
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