The purpose of anti-static hose, the cause of static electricity and hazard analysis

by:Haikuo     2021-05-31
The anti-static hose we often say is usually used for suction occasions with static electricity to eliminate static electricity caused by friction. It is especially suitable for abrasive solids such as dust, powder, fiber, debris and granular; used for gaseous and Liquid medium, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaner, paper or fabric fiber suction, as an anti-wear and anti-static protection tube.
  Because when solid and liquid materials are transported through non-conductive pipes, electrostatic accumulation occurs due to the friction between the material and the pipe wall and the friction between the medium. The main hazards are:
  1. Discharge will ignite explosive gas, water vapor, mist and powder mixture
  2. Discharge occurs through the human body, causing electric shock, resulting in unpredictable danger
  3. The process is interrupted and the cause medium sticks to the hose wall
  4. Measuring equipment and controller failure. In pipeline transportation, the protection method of static electricity accumulation is to choose the appropriate hose, such as polyurethane steel wire hose, which can reach the standard of surface resistance <109? It is suitable for a variety of explosion-hazardous areas and meets the requirements for the use of hoses in more hazardous environments.

   Anti-static hose properties: wear-resistant protection, internal smoothness, surface resistance 109, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance, small bending radius, no gas and liquid leakage;
  Structure: The tube wall is covered with a hard plastic spiral, and the inner wall of the tube is smooth;
  Material: Wall: Polyurethane, Spiral Wire: Hard PC
  The temperature range is about -20°C to +90°C, up to +120°C in a short time
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