The role of metal hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-01
1. Reduce the installation stress of the pipeline. When the hose is used, the noise value in the above-ground hall is only 33dB, which greatly improves the situation in the hall. The vibration of the unit is continuously transmitted to the hall above the ground through the bridge connecting the pipeline, with a noise value of 45dB, PTFE tube. Although the rubber tube has superior soft characteristics and strong anti-fatigue ability, it is a thin link in terms of pressure, temperature resistance, and anti-aging. It will not be able to continue after a few months of ordinary use. In the category of ordinary property, in addition to pressure and temperature, there are often harsh conditions such as fatigue, corrosion, vibration, compression, and impact. Under such conditions, metal hoses are used to compensate for the shifting of the pipeline. It is appropriate. This is the primary reason why metal hoses must be used in certain piping systems.
A section of the bearing slippery oil pipe in a certain model of the engine has repeatedly broken and disordered in the actual operation, which is caused by the excessive stress of the device. Depending on the pipe diameter and the specific conditions of the site, the amount of cold correction ranges from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, and some up to hundreds of millimeters. The theory proves that the greater the amount, the higher the internal stress, and these residual device stresses in the pipeline system are undoubtedly extremely hidden. In such circumstances, people always feel a sense of discomfort.

Second, the status of compensation channels shifted
Because the metal hose can be bent at will and the internal stress caused by the bending under the premise of the additional bending radius is very small, it can bring great convenience to the task of the device and also play a role in the safe operation of the pipeline system. The inevitable guarantee effect. After the copper serpentine tube moves repeatedly, it will suffer fatigue and fracture. Although it can be used after the repair, the parking repair will cause time loss. After the improved design, a metal hose is connected in series to the connecting pipeline, which not only receives part of the noise caused by the vibration of the unit, but also receives a lot of the noise caused by the fluid pulsation in the pipeline. The air conditioning is supplied by a 6FWB unit fixed in the basement. Some piping systems use metal hoses and hoses for this reason.

3. Vibration of receiving pipeline system
Due to the demand for loading and unloading molds, the movable cylinder on the vulcanizing press will move upward and downward.
In the complex piping system, the general reason is the limitation of the space status, which creates various problems in the task of the device: the formed pipe cannot be installed; the pipe that is bent in the past or straight, will be installed. , Part of the cold correction will not be prevented.
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