The service of the ferrule joint manufacturer is assured and reliable.

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17

In the current society, due to the mechanical The work performance and structural characteristics are different:

The integral structure is compact, light in weight, and low in pressure loss. The disadvantage is that multi-way valves of different machines are difficult to use, and as long as one valve hole is unqualified during processing, all of them will be scrapped. The integral valve body is generally cast, and the process is more complicated than that of a single piece. When the number of ferrule joints and couplings is small, it is advisable to adopt the integrated station structure (such as those used by machines with less movements such as push-up machines and loaders).

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The ferrule joints are used in many levels. In the whole process of applying high-temperature fans, it is very important to install the ferrule joints properly. The following is a detailed introduction to the parts of the ferrule joints.

Applicable to ferrule joints, chemical plants, metallurgy, pharmaceutical industry, instrumentation equipment, mechanical equipment manufacturing, electric power enterprises. It is a spherical method, and the selection angle of the ferrule type joint has double-run airtightness. The key part of the ferrule joint is the ferrule type joint, which is a circular diagram of metal material with a knife edge developed at the front end. Simple structure, reliable sealing characteristics, convenient use, exquisite manufacturing, light and beautiful appearance design. No need to add a seal ring, no need to weld, save raw materials, continuous assembly and disassembly characteristics are good

The service of the card sleeve joint manufacturer is assured and reliable. [Liyuan wjnchlm]

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