The silicone hose for filling machine has a smooth inner cavity, which is used for filling machine, packaging machine, liquid dispensing, weighing, etc.

by:Haikuo     2021-06-11
Food-grade hoses, silicone hoses for filling machines are made of high-purity imported silicone rubber raw material platinum vulcanized vertical extrusion molding, smooth inner cavity, long-time extrusion, the inner wall is not sticky, the dimensional tolerances are precise, the wall thickness is uniform and not eccentric, the tube The body has high wear resistance, high tear resistance, high resilience, and can meet the testing standards of food hygiene, medicine, iodine, and medical treatment. It is made of materials that meet the FDA CFR 177.2600 standard and is suitable for the production and processing of pharmaceuticals, filling machines, packaging machines, biotechnology, and cosmetics industries.
  Packing machine hose, filling machine hose can withstand repeated CIP and SIP sterilization, online steam sterilization, acid-base sterilization and offline cleaning requirements. Selected high-quality materials, low precipitation, no pollution to the conveying medium, especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; non-toxic and odorless, does not decompose any odor and taste to the solution medium, can withstand complete vacuum pressure, and is used for suction of materials, Filling, liquid dispensing, weighing and other links.
  Product Certificate: US Food and Medical Drug FDA Test Report

  Chemical stability:
  ①Resistant to weak acids and alkalis, such as: weak corrosive drugs, low-concentration potassium permanganate, acetaldehyde reagents, animal oil, vegetable oil, petrolatum, glucose, alcohol, hand sanitizer, fruit juice, disinfectant, blood, weak acid and alkali Sexual gas and so on.
  ② Not suitable for strong acids, strong bases and organic solvents such as: high-concentration sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, lubricating oil, silicone oil, mineral oil, engine oil, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil, high-concentration acetone, four Carbon chloride, high-concentration ozone, please refer to the applicability data of all peristaltic pump silicone tubes and common reagents of our company for specific content.
  ③It can work in a working environment of -50-200 degrees, can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure repeatedly, and can be sterilized by ethylene oxide, gamma rays, and beta rays.
   Silicone hoses for filling machines are widely used in laboratories, ultra-pure liquid transmission, filling machines, packaging machines, cell culture, drug delivery, sterile liquid filling and transmission, peristaltic pumps, veterinary medicine, food and beverage transmission, Dairy products; the silicone hose used for the filling machine is a platinum vulcanized silicone hose without any additives; it inhibits particle aggregation and crusts and is resistant to tearing; it is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing industries.
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