The stability of corrugated pipe in stainless steel metal hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19

The stability of corrugated pipe in stainless steel metal hose
When the bellows is subjected to pressure beyond its support in the axial direction, it will bend like a compressed rod or a cylindrical spiral spring and lose the stability of its straight shape suddenly. This is inevitable. If the internal pressure received by the bellows also exceeds the certain pressure value it can support, instability will also occur. Experiments have confirmed that most of the damage to the bellows in the project is due to this reason. Whether it is elastic seals, axial elastic compensators, stainless steel metal hoses, there are such doubts.
That is to say, the ability of the bellows to accept internal pressure usually depends on its stability. To study the stability of the bellows, the well-known Euler pressure rod formula can be cited to calculate its critical load.
Machining errors in corrugation size, material thickness, etc. often make the axis of the bellows deviate from the original symmetry axis. That is to say, there is some initial curvature of the axis of the actual bellows. For stainless steel metal hoses, the non-uniformity of the mesh weaving and the inconsistency of the strength of each part also restrict the bearing capacity of the corrugated pipe. The determination of the flexural rigidity value in the critical load formula is to consider the wave crest (valley) semi-circular arc of the bellows as the rigid connection point of the diaphragm, which itself is higher than the actual flexural rigidity value.

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