The static conductive hose is used for suction occasions with static electricity, which is light in size and long in service life

by:Haikuo     2021-06-15
The anti-static hose is grounded by steel wire and other methods to eliminate the static electricity generated during the hose conveying process, so as to achieve smoother conveying of the material. The inner wall is smooth, medium-sized, and steel wire is reinforced. Polyether polyurethane material pipe wall, reinforced with shockproof hard PVC spiral plastic ribs, smooth inner wall to ensure smooth flow of materials in the pipe, and spiral texture on the outer surface. Lightweight, super wear-resistant and excellent anti-torsion performance. Resistant to most chemicals, with extremely high abrasion resistance and service life. The wall thickness of products of different specifications is the same, which is 0.9 mm. It is resistant to mineral oil and chemicals. The grounding of the spiral steel wire can discharge static electricity. It meets the standard of TRB 3 2153 for discharge static electricity.

  Anti-static hose generally has a retractable design, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oleic acid resistance, flame retardant, insulation, free connection, and light volume. It adopts a special structure, and the inner wall is regular after bending or compression, without folding The hard corner greatly reduces the resistance when ventilating or conveying materials, and also greatly increases the service life of the anti-static dust suction hose; the expansion and compression ratio can reach 1/4, which greatly reduces the cost of use and is convenient to move.
   Anti-static hose as an anti-wear protection tube, usually used in suction occasions with static electricity, especially suitable for abrasive solids, such as dust, powder, fiber, debris and granular; used for gaseous and liquid media , Industrial dust removal and suction, road shot blasting machine, industrial vacuum cleaner, paper or fabric fiber suction, anti-static hose as anti-wear protection tube.
   Anti-static hose working temperature range: -20 ℃ / +100 ℃, can withstand 120 ℃ for a short time, even in a very low temperature environment, the corrugated hose can maintain good softness. Because it does not contain phthalic acid and does not use metal reinforcing ribs, the hose can be used safely in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. It can be disinfected using standard operating procedures. The anti-static hose is also suitable for the transportation of medium and abrasive materials in the food processing industry, the pharmaceutical industry. It can meet the requirements of high wear resistance, high firmness and high softness.
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