The transparent steel wire tube is developed by German technology, resistant to aging, oil, acid and alkali

by:Haikuo     2021-06-02
The PVC transparent steel wire tube is a PVC transparent non-toxic hose embedded with a spiral steel wire skeleton. The use temperature is -20°C to 80°C. The product is highly elastic, wear-resistant and has excellent solvent resistance (most chemical additives). It can be used Used in vacuum pumps for agricultural machinery, irrigation and drainage equipment, petrochemical equipment, and various types of machinery for oil and water delivery connection assembly; factories, buildings, wharves, oil and water drainage; factory drainage and powder raw material delivery pipes; underground pipeline system drainage, sedimentation Pumping and other fields.
   High pressure resistance performance: enhanced wall thickness, double-layer polyester industrial filaments tightly woven, three-layer colloidal high temperature and strong fusion, working pressure 60KG, burst pressure up to 200KG.

  Aging resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance: The product adopts the most advanced technology formula, virgin material PVC is mixed with South Korean imported LG NBR rubber, which completely solves the shortcomings of rubber that is not resistant to aging. The product will not be resistant to aging in the natural environment for 10 years Cracking and aging appear. The service life is more than five times that of ordinary rubber hoses. Specially formulated materials are used to make the hose have the superior performance of oil resistance and 30% acid and alkali resistance.
   Low temperature resistance performance: Cold-resistant materials are added to the material, which solves the problem of PVC being brittle and hard at low temperatures, so that the pipe has good weather resistance. The working temperature is -20 degrees to 80 degrees, and it will not crack at minus 20 degrees. It is not soft in summer and not hard in winter.
  Good flame-retardant performance and abrasion resistance: It adopts reinforced wall thickness, which is 1mm thicker than ordinary hoses, which can effectively prevent high temperature sparks from scalding and avoid fire and combustion caused by pipe wall penetration. And can effectively prevent wear.
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