Thoughts on food hoses caused by food safety issues?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-11
In recent years, various food safety issues have frequently appeared. In the past few days, there have been negative news about mad beef, and there has been another wave in the already unstable food field. In the food industry, there is a food-grade hose that has to be mentioned, that is, a food delivery hose. It can be said that all words contaminated with food should be strictly required, so when making this kind of hose, it must be strictly in accordance with the relevant process standards.
   The first thing is to ensure the absolute safety of the production environment. Perhaps the most basic criterion for us to judge whether a certain environment needs to meet the requirements is its cleanliness, but in the environment of making food hoses, it is not enough to just make this requirement. In addition to ensuring absolute cleanliness and tidiness, a comprehensive inspection and disinfection of the production environment should be carried out to avoid any invasion of bacteria and viruses.
  Secondly, it is necessary to ensure the qualification of the staff. Here is the issue of their dress. Every staff member who enters the production workshop should wear uniform clothing. The clothes should be specially made and only suitable for disinfection clothing in the production workshop. In addition, everyone should wear a uniform. Wear a clean mask to avoid any spread of the virus.

   Once again, it is necessary to ensure the standardization of the production process. The production of food hose has certain requirements, such as its material selection, specification requirements, size, etc., should be carried out in accordance with the industry's production guidelines, and resolutely avoid placing unqualified products in the sales channel.
   Finally, the packaging and transportation process. After ensuring the absolute safety and hygiene in the early stage, the safety of packaging and transportation in the later stage should also be ensured, because this is an entire production line, and any link will fall short if there is a problem. In the packaging process, disinfection must also be done. In addition, pay attention to the storage environment of the food hose to ensure that it is absolutely normal before using it.
   Every step in the production process of food grade hose may have a very big impact on future use. Now that more and more food problems appear, we should grasp every link related to it. .
  The Ru0026D and production of Hangzhou Haikuo food grade hoses are all from the perspective of consumers. We shoulder a high sense of social responsibility to ensure that we provide users with safe, healthy and environmentally friendly solutions. Believe that we can provide customers with the highest quality advanced products, technology and services.
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