Three common high temperature resistant aluminum foil ducts

by:Haikuo     2021-06-20
Three common types of high temperature resistant aluminum foil ducts
   Speaking of high temperature resistant aluminum foil ducts, many people may be familiar with it, because many well-known range hoods use aluminum foil ducts, which are high temperature ducts for ventilation, exhaust, and oil fume extraction. , Is a very common type of air duct among the types of high temperature resistant air ducts. The silver-white appearance is not only fireproof, oil-proof, water-proof and heat-resistant, but also has a relatively high appearance value, which improves the equipment a lot of grades. There are several general high temperature resistant aluminum foil ducts on the market.
  一、Hangzhou Haikuo single-layer or double-layer pure aluminum foil duct LKE00413
   There are also many advantages: such as light weight, waterproof, oil-proof, fire-proof, and dust-proof. The more important thing everyone is concerned about is that it is very cheap. It costs only a few tens of dollars for a 10-meter, so many range hood manufacturers, and Some of the smoking pipes in Korean barbecue restaurants use this type.
  Structure and description: The aluminum foil duct is made of silver-white, medium-temperature resistant and dust-free thickness 0.1mm, composite aluminum foil as the duct material. The interior is made of 8mm wide and 1.5mm thick groove-shaped sub-lead supporting metal sheet made of spiral continuous tight clamps, exquisite and flexible construction, resistant to medium temperature, suitable for clean room use Tensile strength: 12㎏f/25㎜ within the clamp compound Aluminum foil duct.

  Specifications and characteristics:
   Tensile strength: 12㎏f/25㎜; Tube inner diameter: 2'~ 12' Applicable temperature: 200 ℃;
   Each standard length: 5M / branch; Bending radius: D*1.25;
  Inner lead steel sheet pipe spacing: 19㎜~ 24㎜; Flexible duct material: double-layer inner-clamped composite aluminum foil;
   Standard color: aluminum silver
  General characteristics:
   is easy to bend, stretch, resistant to medium temperature, light weight and exquisite air supply and exhaust pipe.
  二. Aluminum foil glass fiber composite ventilation hose
   aluminum foil composite ventilation hose LKE00464, this three-layer structure, with high-grade aluminum foil (one layer) bonded with a layer of imported glass fiber cloth, and the inside is supported by spiral steel wires. Because it is bonded with a layer of glass fiber cloth, it has higher toughness and will not break as easily as a pure aluminum foil tube. It also has high flexibility and excellent flexibility, and is easy to construct. High temperature resistant aluminum foil composite ventilation hose is used for hot and cold air guidance, high temperature exhaust gas emission, motor vehicle layer gas emission, constant temperature gas delivery, high temperature welding gas emission, particle dryers in the plastics industry, printing machinery, hair dryers and compressors; engines Various mechanical ventilation exhausts such as heating. It has temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical, exhaust gas and other exhaust hoses; it is extremely flame-retardant.
  Temperature range: 180°C
   structure: 0.25mm thick white heat-resistant glass fiber cloth, inner layer laminated aluminum foil as the air duct material, the inside is made of 8mm wide and 1.5mm thick grooved sub-lead supporting metal sheets with spiral continuous tight clips 、Easy to construct, more resistant to pressure and medium temperature, suitable for heat-resistant 180°C air duct with aluminum fiber cloth

  Application: high-winding, temperature-resistant 180°C drying, hot air equipment...etc. strong air supply and exhaust pipe
  Characteristics: easy to bend and expand, strong and resistant to medium temperature air supply and exhaust pipe, standard color: outer white and inner silver
  Specifications: each standard length: 5M/piece, bending radius D*1.25, spiral sub-lead steel tube spacing: 19mm~24mm, flexible duct material: double-layer inner layer with aluminum glass cloth inner diameter 2 '~12'
   Three, aluminum foil composite ventilation pipe LKE00463
  Hangzhou Haikuo LKE00463 aluminum foil composite ventilation tube with thicker aluminum foil. Durability and temperature resistance are incomparable to the first two types of aluminum foil tubes. The aluminum foil composite ventilation tube is made of silver. The white, high-temperature and dust-free composite aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.1mm is the air duct material, and the inside is made of a groove-shaped sub-lead supporting metal sheet with a width of 8mm and a thickness of 5mm with a spiral continuous tight clip.

  Application: It is used for the guidance of hot and cold air, as well as the granular drying in the plastics industry. The conveying system, the tube for the hair dryer in the printing industry, etc. can be compressed.
  Aeronautical and military equipment for construction, aviation and military equipment for heating and guiding exhaust equipment.
  Properties: high temperature resistance, toughness, compressibility, reinforced fiber, small bending radius, flameproof (according to UL94-V0)
  Tube wall: Silicone fiberglass cloth
  Spiral: stainless steel sheet metal
  Temperature range: -70℃~+300℃
   Length: 5M
   The above are three common high temperature resistant aluminum foil ducts introduced by Hangzhou Haikuo.
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